The error in the Copa América draw that became a viral mess

The error in the Copa América draw that became a viral mess
December 8, 2023 – 1:35 p.m.

The Copa América draw had a very problematic ending due to failing to comply with the regulations and placing the countries poorly in the groups. Bolivia and Jamaica changed zones more than once and were a trend.

Everything was going well in the draw Copa America 2024in Miamibut at the end came the disaster. Bolivia was drawn for the B Group and in the end the accounts did not close anywhere.

The draw had only two quota rules: per zone, no more than three selections of Conmebol and no more than two of Concacaf. Simple. It was just a matter of paying attention, but something went wrong in the final stretch.

Bolivia was drawn to B Group (with Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela), when the correct thing to do was to put it in the Group Cwith Uruguay, United States and Panamathese last two of Concacaf.

Since then, everything committed was wrong by the live draw participants. In principle, to Jamaica They sent him to Group D (with Brazil, Paraguay and Colombia), but then television corrected itself and placed it in the b.

By then, the confusion in the room with everyone present and viewers around the world was very great.

To solve and decorate the uncomfortable situation, the broadcast decided to talk to the former players present, such as Ronaldinho and the “Pupi” Zanetti. Taking advantage of that moment, they arranged the lockers and sent Jamaica to the b and Concacaf 6 to das appropriate.

This is how the groups of the Copa América 2024 remained


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