Alpine skiing: Nina Ortlieb suffered a broken tibia and fibula in a fall

Alpine skiing: Nina Ortlieb suffered a broken tibia and fibula in a fall
Shock on Friday: Nina Ortlieb suffered a broken tibia and fibula in a fall
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The Styrian led the rest of the world on Friday, 0.95 seconds behind Italy’s speed queen, who was once again unbeatable with a daring ride in poor ground visibility. The Swiss Lara Gut-Behrami (+1.02) and US star Mikaela Shiffrin (+1.08) followed in the ranks. Nina Ortlieb was seriously injured while driving in.

The woman from Vorarlberg was transported to the hospital in Schruns with a fractured tibia and fibula in her right lower leg and underwent surgery on Friday. The second best Austrian in the first part of the Speed ​​Triple in the luxury ski resort was Stephanie Venier in sixth place (+1.58) behind Federica Brignone. With Mirjam Puchner (10th/+2.27), a third ÖSV runner landed in the top ten. Seven of the twelve Austrians scored points, including Ariane Rädler in one of her favorite places in 15th (+2.64) and Christina Ager in 19th (+3.23).

“The basic speed is right,” said Hütter’s initial findings, which were generally pleasing. “Now it’s time not to let up.” The fact that she successfully completed the blind flight, which she described as a “fight at the limit,” made her proud. “I was really nervous today. The ‘pumpn’ went well for me. We’ve been working for so long, training a lot and doing everything we can to ensure that we perform,” said Hütter. “It’s really nice that I succeeded like that. I missed the feeling of racing.”

“Lack of time looks really bad”

The World Cup third place in the Super-G set a clear best time with start number 6, but was immediately overtaken by the following Goggia. Despite an unsatisfactory upper part for her, Hütter was able to score 80 points – and her tenth career podium finish in the Super-G. From the middle section onwards, her initially stiff legs would have loosened. “The time gap looks really bad. But I know where it is. That makes me positive,” said Hütter. With two goals in the upper part, it must have been half a second open.

ÖSV head coach Roland Assinger drew a two-part summary after an emotional roller coaster ride. “It was difficult. On the one hand, organizing the rescue chain for Nina, and at the same time preparing for the race, which ended absolutely brilliantly with Conny taking second place.” The new boss had special praise for two protégés: “Conny has already been through a lot in her career, so I take my hat off to her performance today. Also to Venier – a strong improvement on the training.”

Venier “very satisfied”

Venier was “very satisfied.” “I knew my skiing was better than last year.” The vice world champion from St. Moritz in 2017 described the difficulties of the first of eleven Super-G seasons: “It’s deceptive with all the waves. Nobody comes down without mistakes, but it invites you to attack.” It was perfect for Goggia’s brutal style. “I’m a bit surprised,” said the 31-year-old given the lead in her 23rd World Cup victory. “I was at my limit and couldn’t always see that much. But I probably hit the spots at full speed.”

How thin the line is was shown by the attack of her teammate Elena Curtoni, who was lifted in compression after a bump and hit the net hard. Last year’s second runner-up crossed the finish line herself, but the examinations revealed “a complicated sacrum fracture.” As a result, the 32-year-old will be out for several weeks, as the Italian Ski Association announced. There is a downhill on Saturday and another Super-G on Sunday (10.30 a.m./ORF 1). Hütter promised courageous journeys. “I will fight until the goal.”

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