Paris 2024: the IOC gave free rein to Russians and Belarusians, but with a neutral flag

Paris 2024: the IOC gave free rein to Russians and Belarusians, but with a neutral flag

He International Olympic Committee (IOC) today authorized the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the Olympic Games of Paris 2024but as “neutral” and only those who compete in individual disciplines.

The teams from these countries were thus left out of the event that will be launched on June 26, as well as those athletes who have publicly expressed themselves in favor of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, which began in February 2022.

The measure announced by the IOC, following a request recently raised by representatives of international sports federations and national Olympic committees, benefits only eight Russian and three Belarusian athletes who have already secured passage to the 33rd Olympic edition.

During the next Olympic Games the anthems will not be played, nor will the flags of Russia and Belarus flyeither at the opening ceremony or if one of its athletes manages to get on a podium, ANSA reported.

In order to participate in the Paris Games, athletes must first go through the IOC’s screening, which will relegate those who have openly supported the war against Ukraine, but also those who are part of teams linked to the Armed Forces of their country.

In justifying its decision to admit them in this edition, the IOC appealed to a phrase it had already uttered at the time when it advised international federations and national Olympic committees to consider the possibility of allowing them to compete as “neutrals.”

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At that time he said that athletes “should not pay the price for the actions of their governments.”

Russia, however, considered “discriminatory” the conditions under which the IOC today approved the admission of its athletes.

“These are discriminatory conditions and go against the principles of sport,” said Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin.

“The approach is unacceptable. This is harming the Olympic Games and not Russian sport,” Matytsin said.

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