Swimming: Kreundl won European Championship bronze in the 200 m individual medley

Swimming: Kreundl won European Championship bronze in the 200 m individual medley
The Upper Austrian can be happy.
Image: GEPA pictures/ Johannes Friedl (GEPA pictures)

Only over the last 25 meters of the crawl distance was she overtaken by the Frenchwoman Charlotte Bonnet. It was Kreundl’s first medal. She set a new Austrian record in 2:06.89 minutes.

On Saturday morning, Felix Auböck reached his second final in the Romanian city near Bucharest. After placing seventh in the 400 m and foregoing the 200 m semifinal, the Krauler completed the 800 m heat in 7:34.00 minutes as third fastest. Salzburg’s Luca Karl took 20th place in 8:00.68 minutes. The medals will be at stake in the final individual decision of these title fights on Sunday (6:34 p.m. CET). “Everyone knows what I want and hope for,” said the 26-year-old Auböck about the medal goal.

Christopher Rothbauer took eighth place in the 200 m breaststroke final. In the mixed crawl relay over 4 x 50 m, Heiko Gigler, Leon Opatril, Marijana Jelic and Lena Kreundl finished ninth in 1:33.72 minutes and missed the final place by two tenths. In the 50 m Delfin, Fabienne Pavlik (28.38) was eliminated in 32nd place, in the 200 m Kraul Iris Julia Berger (1:58.56) and Lena Opatril (1:59.41) were eliminated in 20th and 29th respectively Men’s 100 m freestyle Alexander Trampitsch (48.54), Leon Opatril (48.69) and Lukas Edl (48.93) came 23rd, 25th and 27th, respectively.

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