Hansa Rostock against Schalke 04: fan scandal and red card with a delay

Hansa Rostock against Schalke 04: fan scandal and red card with a delay

FC Schalke fans set off fireworks and cut through a barrier during the game against Hansa Rostock. The game is then interrupted. As a result, there is a strange expulsion.

The game between FC Hansa Rostock and FC Schalke 04 in the 2nd Bundesliga was interrupted after riots in the stands. Referee Nicolas Winter sent the two teams to the dressing rooms in the 41st minute on Sunday. According to the Rostock police, Schalke fans had previously set off pyrotechnics and broken through the boundary to the home supporters’ area. “A glass partition was destroyed in the guest block by guest fans,” the police said on the short message service X (formerly Twitter): “Some fans were able to get into the buffer block to the south stand. Police forces had to be deployed between the home and away fan areas.”

“The television images show: Some Rostock and Schalke supporters were insulting each other and the like. Some Hansa fans broke into an unoccupied block. The police are trying to calm the situation,” writes the sports magazine “Kicker” in its live ticker game. However, there was no direct encounter between the two fan groups, said a police spokeswoman. It took several minutes for the officers to calm the situation. After almost 20 minutes, the two teams returned to the pitch and the game continued a short time later.

Hansa Rostock: red card with delay

Because of the long break in the game, Hansa striker Junior Brumado was sent off half an hour late. The 24-year-old Brazilian was initially shown a yellow card in the 40th minute for a foul on Schalke’s Blendi Idrizi. The game was then interrupted for about half an hour due to fan riots. When both teams returned to the field, referee Nicolas Winter looked at the foul again on his screen and corrected his decision: Brumado received a red card instead of a yellow card after using the video evidence.

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