Bundesliga: After zero number: Cologne lack of understanding about whistles

Bundesliga: After zero number: Cologne lack of understanding about whistles

They came sporadically during the game. And very loudly at the final whistle. For the first time this season there are loud whistles after a 1. FC Köln game. Which annoys many protagonists.

Stadium announcer Michael Trippel tried to counteract this with praise, coach Steffen Baumgart tuned in, the players expressed their displeasure openly: The first whistle concert of the season after the final whistle of a Bundesliga game by 1. FC Köln certainly caused discussions.

The helplessness of Cologne at 0-0 in the shockingly weak basement duel with FSV Mainz 05 was obvious. However, the Cologne team pointed out that they gave everything in a difficult situation and did not lose against a direct competitor.

“I understand dissatisfaction, it’s there with us too,” said Timo Hübers: “What I don’t fully understand is that I have to express this dissatisfaction by whistling. Of course you want to be entertained when you go to the stadium. But that The only way I can have an active influence is by supporting the boys below.”

Cologne trouble

Meanwhile, stadium spokesman Trippel tried to pacify the fans with warm words. In the middle of the whistle, seconds after the final whistle, he said: “Thank you for your support in 2023. And especially today for your patience.”

What’s explosive about Cologne’s anger over the expressions of disapproval is the fact that they praised the support of the Südkurve so demonstratively that the message seemed to be: Real fans don’t do that. “I heard the South. 90 minutes. They supported the team,” said Baumgart when asked whether he heard the whistles: “I heard that. That’s where I look. That’s the crucial thing. The boys go Get away and see the boys work their asses off.”

Goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe, who was also captain against Mainz, explained: “I have some understanding, yes. I wouldn’t do it myself. Because of course we have to stick together as a team, as a club, as a city.” And he added: “The south curve was behind us. That gives us courage and strength.” Hübers emphasized: “The Südkurve knows how to appreciate that. It sees that the team is giving it their all on the pitch and knows how to honor that.”

Baumgart: “That was really heavy food”

I’m sure the others see that too. But the fact is: FC currently offers very little to those who want to watch beautiful football. What all the protagonists also admit. “That was really heavy stuff,” said the coach: “I didn’t like much today. Except for the intensity and the fact that the boys fought back. I didn’t like everything else.” Everyone knows, says Baumgart, whose team captivated fans with their power football in the previous two seasons under him, “how I want football to be played. That’s not working at the moment.”

Schwäbe also recognized this from his gate. “If you’re honest, it didn’t have much to do with football, especially in the first half,” he said. But without conceding a goal you are at least guaranteed a point. That was the only conciliatory thing for Baumgart. “It sounds stupid,” he said: “But it’s a partial success. We kept a clean sheet for the second time and took the point. But of course we wanted a lot more.” The viewers too.

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