The last goal of Demichelis’ River: when does the Champions Trophy play

The last goal of Demichelis’ River: when does the Champions Trophy play

River He could not beat the “Canalla” and lost from the twelve steps, after tying without goals in regulation time of the semifinal of the competition, by missing the four shots he executed in the shootout.

In this way, the “Millonario” no longer has a chance of winning the two competitions of the Argentine soccer season, given that in the first semester he won the title in the tournament of the Professional Leaguebut he still has one chance to achieve a new coronation.

When does River play the final for the 2023 Champions Trophy

He December 22th will face the winner of the final of the League Cup between Platense and his executioner, Central Rosaryto raise the Champions Trophy.

What Demichelis said after being eliminated from the League Cup

“I always say the same thing, I didn’t climb the ladder of success when we won the first tournament and I haven’t lost my roots. I’m not going to let myself be sunk by the outside world either. I feel with the total strength and fortitude to continue with the training”expressed Demichelis after the defeat against the Rosario team.

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Trusted. Martín Demichelis showed up despite losing to Rosario Central and being eliminated in the semifinal of the Professional League Cup. The River coach, although he has not yet earned the full trust of the fans, is supported by the entire club leadership to continue in his position.

And he added: “If I let myself be influenced, it is very difficult to work in a country full of opinionologists. We all like to give our opinions, I do my analyzes with the people I have to do them and I try to listen. I still feel strong enough for what is to come, So I can’t answer your questions.”

“The fan has every right to not be happy, but I think things were done well. Surely with Marcelo’s (Gallardo) decision, it could have been the most difficult transition in River’s history. We have to keep working.”hill Demichelis.

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