“Dibu” Martínez’s confessions about his injuries during the World Cup

“Dibu” Martínez’s confessions about his injuries during the World Cup

The world champion goalkeeper with the Argentine National Team Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez revealed that he was injured twice in the team’s final stage in Qatar 2022 and that he feared the possibility of being left out of the matches against the Netherlands and Croatia, for the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively.

“Doctors can say it. We goalkeepers like to play soccer-tennis when we warm up to make ourselves laugh”the goalkeeper began by recounting in an interview for the series “Campeones”, which is broadcast on Star +.

“I head-butt him and say ‘Tincho, his neck.’ I was going to do some handball, and I couldn’t move.”he added.

And he expressed that he had to be anesthetized because of the pain: “They put a needle in me, I screamed, it was like anesthesia, it put me to sleep, and I didn’t feel that whole part. They told me that they had never infiltrated a torticollis”.

“I think that It was the only way to feel the pressure, because when I played I didn’t feel anything, but my body felt it, because I never have a torticollis on the day of a game, I never have a strain before a game, my back hurt. That It was the only message my body sent that I was tense.“, he said.

Martinez He gave details of what happened before the duel against Croatia in the semifinals in Qatar.

“I’m going to warm up, with the people, I thought it was my match… I hit a hard one at 15 meters and I felt”he expressed with a gesture that something broke.

“It felt hard, but I thought nothing was happening. I hit it a little further and back. I told Martín Tocalli (goalkeeper coach): Martín, I broke down, I have to go “he explained.

But the goalkeeper was worried about the severity of the pain he felt at that moment that almost left him out: “Tell me I didn’t break my rectum,” I told him. “No, calm down, Dibu,” he replied. “No, please.” Please tell me it’s not the straight one. If it’s the straight one, I can’t play.”

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