Society: Bayern coach Tuchel takes a clear position against the right

Society: Bayern coach Tuchel takes a clear position against the right

For Thomas Tuchel, there are no two opinions when it comes to right-wing extremism. You have to take a clear position against it. That’s what the Munich coach does.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel, like some of his Bundesliga colleagues before him, has clearly positioned himself against right-wing extremism and for democracy.

“On the subject of right-wing extremism, you have to say very clearly that we can’t stand up enough. We stand up 1000 percent against it, there is no doubt about it, against every kind of extremism. And there can’t be one voice too many,” he said 50-year-old football coach on Saturday at the press conference for the league game against Werder Bremen (Sunday/3:30 p.m.).

Freiburg coach Christian Streich, Bayer coach Xabi Alonso and Marco Rose from RB Leipzig, among others, had previously taken a stand in the current discussion. Streich also called for people to take part in the nationwide demonstrations against right-wing extremism. The Cologne defender Timo Hübers had praised the anti-right demonstration in the Bundesliga club’s city and also clearly positioned himself against right-wing ideas.

The background to the discussions is a meeting between right-wing extremists with AfD politicians and individual CDU members in a Potsdam villa, which was publicized by the media company Correctiv. Tens of thousands of people are expected across Germany this weekend at demonstrations against the right and for democracy.

Tuchel-Pk in the live stream

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