Posse about fence flag: In Bochum the game is interrupted for an hour

Posse about fence flag: In Bochum the game is interrupted for an hour

Referee Bastian Dankert refused to restart the game between VfL Bochum and VfB Stuttgart after half-time. The reason was the refusal of fans to take down fence flags that blocked escape gates. After 40 minutes we continued.

A farce involving fence flags by Stuttgart Ultras at the game in Bochum resulted in a delayed restart after the half-time break. It was only after around 40 minutes that referee Bastian Dankert released the game again. The reason for his refusal to whistle again in the previously goalless game was that fence flags in the Stuttgart curve were blocking escape gates. Despite several loudspeaker announcements, the banners were not taken down. The “kicker” speculated that there was a possibility of the game being canceled at some point.

At first, VfB coach Sebastian Hoeneß talked to the supporters in vain – but it was of no use. The Ultras remained unrepentant and left the flags hanging. Supporters’ comments quickly circulated on Twitter saying that the flags apparently didn’t bother anyone in the first half. But it is unclear whether they were already hanging in the appropriate place at this point.

Bochum fans sing “Ice-cold Bommerlunder”

The teams arrived on the field 15 minutes late and initially tried to keep warm in low temperatures. Some VfB professionals tried to get the fans to give in and take down the flags – without success. Meanwhile, the Bochum supporters sang “Ice-cold Bommerlunder”. Referees and officials from both clubs discussed things on the field. According to Sky, the fire department was consulted to look for a solution to continue the game.

Finally it looked like the escape gates could be opened despite the fence flags. At least that’s what the Stuttgart fans apparently demonstrated. What is certain is that Bastian Dankert started the second half considerably late. The long interruption was not good for the guests from Stuttgart. Shortly after the restart, Bochum took the lead 1-0 thanks to a goal from Matus Bero. The score remained at this point until the final whistle.

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