Héctor Cúper did it again: Syria’s historic qualification in the Asian Cup

Héctor Cúper did it again: Syria’s historic qualification in the Asian Cup

The Argentine coach Héctor Cúper qualified the Syrian team for the first time in its history to the round of 16 of the Asian Cup, with the victory against India, 1-0in the last match of group B of the competition that takes place in Qatar.

The Syrians won with a goal from their forward Omar Maher Khribinafter assistance from the Syrian-Argentine Ibrahim Hesarfrom Belgrano de Córdoba.

In the titular formation of Syria The former San Lorenzo midfielder was also there Jalil Elías; Ezequiel Ham, from Independiente Rivadavia; and the Colombian Pablo Sabbagformed in the youth teams of River Plate and All Boys, and passing through Estudiantes and Newells Old Boys.

The Syrian team, which has Cuper As a coach since February 2023, he reached 4 units in his zone and made it to the next phase.


Syria participated in the Asian Cup in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1996, 2011 and 2019 and had never managed to pass the group stage. For this reason, at today’s press conference there were scenes of crying among journalists, leaders and workers of the federation of that country.

A scene that travels through the networks worldwide and in which you can see how the translator who accompanies Cuper and the journalist who interviews him burst into tears. The former coach of Lanús and Huracán smiles and holds the microphone while the two Syrian citizens hug each other, visibly excited.

Who will be your next rival?

In the round of 16, Syria will face Iran, which defeated the United Arab Emirates 2-1 and took first place in group C.

Another classified for the first time in the second phase was Palestine, who defeated 3 to 0 Hong Kong and achieved third place in Group C.

Australia and Tajikistanwho tied 1 to 1, will also be in the round of 16, like Qatar, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

Those classified so far are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Australia, Tajikistan, Qatar, Uzbekistan and Palestine, but the second and third places in groups D, E and F remain to be defined.

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