Handball European Championship: this result is enough for Germany to reach the semi-finals

Handball European Championship: this result is enough for Germany to reach the semi-finals

On Wednesday evening the DHB team will face Croatia in the last main round game. Because of the scheduling, it could even sit back during the game.

With the 35:28 win against Hungary, the door to the semi-finals of the European Championship has opened for the German handball players. The last game of the main round for national coach Alfred Gislason’s team is on Wednesday (8.30 p.m./ARD, dyn). The opponent is Croatia, for whom the tournament is no longer about anything; the team’s elimination is already certain. For the Germans, on the other hand, there is a lot at stake, although the circumstances certainly speak in favor of the tournament hosts. This is how Germany progresses.

  • Scenario 1: The “easiest” thing is if Germany wins against Croatia. The two main round groups of the European Championship each consist of six teams, first and second place in each group advance to the semi-finals. In Germany’s Group I, France is already unassailable first (8 points ), Germany in second place (5 points) is being pursued by Hungary and Austria (four points each). If they win, they get two points – the Germans would have seven points and would definitely be second, even if Austria and/or Hungary played their games should win.
  • Scenario 2: Germany could even afford to lose. Namely if both Austria (against Iceland) and Hungary (against France) also lose. That’s not unlikely, the Hungarians in particular have a difficult game ahead of them. The scheduling of the matches also plays into Germany’s hands. When the DHB team’s game against Croatia begins, the results of the competitors have already been determined. In this case, sitting back is apparently not an option for playmaker Juri Knorr: “It’s one of the biggest opportunities in everyone’s career. “Everyone will be happy to be able to stand on the record and tear themselves apart,” he told the “German Press Agency”.
  • Scenario 3: If Austria and Hungary or even just one of them win, there would be six points in the account. Germany would therefore need at least a draw to be able to keep up on points. If there is a tie on points, the goal difference is the deciding factor. If it is also balanced, the number of goals scored is decisive. When it comes to the difference, Germany is currently leading (+6), followed by Hungary (+3). Austria has a goal difference of -4 and is unlikely to be able to catch up with hosts Germany in this category. In terms of goals scored, Hungary (119) currently leads Germany (113) and Austria (108).
  • Scenario 4: These comparison values ​​are also used if Hungary and/or Austria draw (then five points each) and Germany loses (still five points). Then the Germans would be well advised to lose as narrowly as possible – in an ideally high-scoring game.

If the Germans advance, Denmark will most likely be their opponents in the semi-finals. The team is currently in first place in Group II and could still be overtaken by Sweden in terms of points, but is ahead in terms of goal difference and goals scored.

Source: Stern

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