Update on Matthias Mayer: “Unfortunately he’s not doing so well”

Update on Matthias Mayer: “Unfortunately he’s not doing so well”
Matthias Mayer
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Last Thursday, Matthias Mayer lost his role at a reception in Kitzbühel, climbed onto a chair and, among other things, insulted the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, who was present. The three-time Olympic ski champion was taken out of the hall by security and police officers.

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The ÖSV then pointed out the Carinthian’s psychological problems in a brief broadcast: “Today we had to note with regret that Matthias Mayer has not yet overcome the health problems with which he has been struggling for a long time.”

At the beginning of the week, Herbert Mandl gave an update on Mayer’s condition. “Unfortunately, Matthias is not doing so well and it is unfortunately a fact that he has not overcome his health problems,” the ÖSV alpine boss found on ServusTV in similar terms to his association.

Mandl then added that Mayer had “relapsed again” in Kitzbühel: “He is currently being treated, he is not doing so well and it will take some time until he gets things sorted out again.”

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My colleagues suffer too. “I’m incredibly sorry for him. It really pisses me off that certain people no longer have such a good image of him,” said Vincent Kriechmayr, who publicly spoke up for Mayer.

Mayer’s sudden resignation at the end of 2022 had already sparked initial speculation about health causes.

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