Boca player was torn, misses debut and reaches the “Superclásico”?

Boca player was torn, misses debut and reaches the “Superclásico”?

Mouth last night released the official medical report in which it revealed that the Uruguayan left back Marcelo Saracchi suffers from a tear “in the right hamstring” which in principle will marginalize him from the “xeneize” first team for three weeks.

This morning on the premises of Ezeizain an open practice for the press media, Saracchi He worked differently due to that muscle injury in the right hamstring.

Saracchia 25-year-old left winger, who arrived last year and had two good games in the friendly victories against Gymnastics and Jump Shooting for 1 to 0 and Córdoba Workshops 2 to 1, where he was injured after committing a penalty foul, he did not practice with his teammates due to that muscle condition.


Marcelo Saracchi, in Boca

In the evening, after the presentation of Kevin Zenon and Cristian Lema, Mouth He reported the Uruguayan’s injury through a medical report: “Marcelo Saracchi: muscle injury to the right hamstring. Medical Department, Professional Football”.

According to the results of the studies, the “tear” of the side on the left and is ruled out for next Saturday’s match, away against Platensefor the first date of B Group of the Professional League Cupsomething that due to the nature of that injury will last no less than 21 days.

It is worth remembering that the “Superclásico” against River will be on date 7, that is, next February 25, in a month. The one who would be almost ruled out is Marcos Rojo, who suffered a major tear. On the “Millonario” side, Manuel Lanzini had the same injury.

Saracchi’s possible replacements

Now the coach Diego Martinez must evaluate the possible replacements of Saracchi ahead of the debut of the LPF Cupthe Colombian Frank Fabra appears as the first alternative to the injury of the 25-year-old Uruguayan.

Although, another possibility is that of the new incorporation, Zenowho in his official presentation as a reinforcement of the “xeneize” confessed that he played “side and side steering wheel” on the left wing.

Zenotoday for the first time he trained with his new teammates, since on Monday the former Santa Fe Union He worked with part of the technical team led by the coach Diego Martinez.

The player Boca is looking for in the transfer market

The other issue that occupies the “Boca world” is the search for a creative midfielder with a goal: only the Mendoza native is in that position. Ezequiel Bullaudegiven that Christian Medina It’s with him selected U-23 participating in the tournament Pre-Olympic from Venezuela.

While, Vicente Taborda he returned to Platense on loan and Aaron Molinas He is very close to playing in Olimpia, Paraguay.

The candidate to incorporate is the Chilean Carlos Palacios23 years old, who is on loan in Colo Colo until June 30 of this year and whose pass belongs to Vasco Da Gama.


Chilean Carlos Palacios

Chilean Carlos Palacios

“I don’t have much to talk about, my representative sees that with the leaders, it seems that there is something concrete and we have to see that it is the best for everyone, and especially for me”was the phrase that the trans-Andean soccer player chose to refer to the consultation of the press in his country about the concrete progress of Mouth on your file.

Your situation in Colo Colowhere he has played 35 games and scored 13 goals, is an obstacle for the “xeneize”: the club bought 20% of his token from Vasco da Gama At the beginning of 2023.

Since the remaining half is Brazilian, the Chileans do not have the full power to avoid the transition to Mouthwhich negotiates with both clubs in parallel.

According to what they told Telam close to Football Council Boquense, the Ribera club will seek to buy part of the token from Vasco Da Gama. And to reach an agreement with the Brazilians, Mouth will try to financially compensate the Colo Colo to cut the loan, which is valid until June 30.

The Chilean club incorporated Palaces at the beginning of 2023, on loan for one year. In the middle of the last calendar, they executed the clause to buy 20% of the offensive midfielder’s pass, they paid 500 thousand dollars and thus they ensured that their stay in Colo Colo extends until June 2024.

The next few hours are key to see if the operation with which you can carry out Mouth would withdraw from pass market.

An offer came for Advíncula, which is free at the end of the year

Lastly, there is an interest of Botafogo by Luis Advíncula: the Brazilian club would have offered just 1 million dollarswhen the termination clause of the Peruvian defender is 8 million dollars.

“Always with joy no matter what happens and don’t let anyone ever erase your smile,” said “Rayo” on his Instagram account, along with a smiling photo. But he was enough to generate the fans’ bench with comments asking the Peruvian side to never leave the “xeneize.”


Luis Advíncula

Advincula has a contract with Mouth until December of this year, with which in June he could negotiate as a free agent with any club. Aware of this situation, from Botafogo They looked for him with a very low offer for the Peruvian’s current level: in the first instance they offered a million dollars for his chip to take him now.

Although their representative warned that they are pending the pass market and what it could mean for Luis a pass at this point in his career, he also hinted that when the time comes to negotiate with Mouth They will do it with the desire to continue at the Ribera club.

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