Rehab instead of racing: What’s next for Marco Schwarz

Rehab instead of racing: What’s next for Marco Schwarz
Marco Black
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“The operation went well. I’ll be on crutches for about three weeks now, then the really hard work of rebuilding the muscle will begin,” explained the 28-year-old, who suffered a torn cruciate ligament and cartilage damage, on Wednesday in Schladming.

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Schwarz, who says he is doing “very well” given the circumstances, wants to give himself enough time for rehab. “I don’t want to rush myself. I want to give myself time until it’s back to 100 percent.” After the first cruciate ligament tear he suffered in Bansko in February 2019, he was back on snow six months later, but now the injury is different due to the cartilage damage.

“I’m not getting tired at the moment”

In Innsbruck, the Carinthian is currently completing five to six therapy sessions a day. “Water therapy, physiotherapy, training for healthy legs, for the upper body, for the core,” “Blacky” listed. “I’m not getting tired at the moment.”

Schwarz did not want the fact that he was a frequent skier in the World Cup until his fall to be seen as a cause for the downhill accident on the infamous Stelvio. He said he had come up with a very good plan for the season with his trainers and physiotherapists. “Of course it was very crowded. But I was mentally there, I was physically there. From that point of view, I can’t blame it at all. It was unfortunate circumstances that it turned out like that.”

“It was a quick hit”

The Carinthian confirmed that the injury had happened before the actual fall. “The outside ski was in the air for a moment, then it caught again, it was a short blow. Then it crushed my knee. It all happened before I was in the net,” he said. He immediately sensed that something was wrong.

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Nevertheless, he was fully focused on the descent. “I think everyone has to be able to assess for themselves how fit they are and what risks they are taking.” In the case of the serious injuries to Alexis Pinturault and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, one must also look at “what the exact causes were” separately.

Schwarz had won the night slalom in Madonna di Campiglio six days before the accident and was in the lead in the overall World Cup. He was considered a serious challenger to the Swiss Marco Odermatt in the fight for the big crystal ball.

“Watching is not fun”

Currently only being able to watch the ski races on television is “a good challenge for the psyche.” He has watched every race so far. “It’s not fun to watch, but it’s cool to see the other perspective.” The achievements of his teammate Manuel Feller in particular were “impressive and cool to watch.”

Instead of Kitzbühel or Schladming, rehabilitation in Innsbruck is on the agenda. The ÖSV wants to help shape this creatively. “We will also accompany the comeback on film, we don’t want to say anything more about it yet,” explained Ski Austria General Secretary Christian Scherer. He was convinced that Black would come back stronger than ever. “We will support him on the way.”

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