Scaloni confirmed that he will continue to lead the Argentine National Team and explained his statements

Scaloni confirmed that he will continue to lead the Argentine National Team and explained his statements

The coach of the Argentine national team, Lionel Scaloniconfirmed this Tuesday that he will continue to lead the world champion team and will be in charge of the national team in the next America Cup that will be disputed in USA in the middle of this year.

After two months of uncertainty because the technical director questioned his continuity after beating 1-0 against Brazil in it Maracana stadium of Rio de Janeiro by Qualifiersthe same Scaloni was the one who confirmed that he will continue to lead the selectionwho will seek to defend their continental title in the North American country.

“There has been a lot of talk, but I always told the truth. There were moments to think and know what to do. That was not a farewell or anything, it was just thinking about how I would continue in the National Team. It is also time to give space to young people and that “For us it was important”declared the coach to clear up doubts and confirm his continuity in command of the “Albiceleste”.

Furthermore, the native of I bid He referred to the future of the Argentine star and captain, Lionel Messi: “It will continue until I say otherwise. I will not be the one to say that it will not come again”said the coach.

ScaloniHe also expressed his wish that Messi keep wearing the Argentine shirt: “Especially because he is happy on a playing field. He is happy there. It is really him playing ball”he remarked in statements to Sky Sports of Italy.

“We always say that he should continue until he can’t do it because then it will be even more difficult for him, but it will be hard for everyone not to see him on the field again.”he added.

About being “World Champion”the former player of Newell’s and of Students of La Plata he said that “In the end, seeing your people, your friends and the country in general so happy, in a difficult moment as a country, was spectacular. But now we have to continue. We enjoyed that joy, but we continue”.

The next matches of the Argentine national team

With this confirmation, the Argentine national team already think about what will be the FIFA date March, when they will play two friendlies against China and possibly in front of Ghanain what will be his last two tests before the America Cup of the United States 2024.

In that contest, Argentina will debut against Canada either Trinidad and Tobago on June 20, at 9 p.m. at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the city of atlanta. Then he will face Chili in New Jersey already Peru in Miamifor the group stage.

What Scaloni had said to question his continuity

Scaloni had set off the alarm towards the end of last November, when at the press conference after the victory of the Selection by 1-0 against Brazil in it Maracana by 2026 World Cup Qualifiers express: “I need to think, I need to think a lot about what I’m going to do.”

“It’s not goodbye or anything else, but I need to think because the bar is very high and it’s difficult to continue, it’s difficult to continue winning”, commented the DT at that time. “It’s time to think about this time. I will tell the president (of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia), I will tell the players later because this team needs a coach who has all the possible energy and who is well,” he said. .

Two months later, finally, the coach confirmed that he will continue leading the “Scaloneta”.

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