Boca moves to Nuevo Gasómetro to receive Sarmiento

Boca moves to Nuevo Gasómetro to receive Sarmiento

Mouth will move its home due to arrangements on the playing field of the candy boxso you will receive Sarmiento de Junín in the stadium New Gasometer. The “xeneize” leadership blamed the opposition.

The modification occurs because due to the elections in Bocawhich were carried out inside the playing field, the authorities and those in charge of the grass, lifted it completely and later placed rolls of natural grass one close to the other so that they begin to take root with the earth.

Although there was speculation that the land was in condition for the first commitment of the League Cupthere is still a lot of sand on the visible surface.

Therefore, this Thursday, in the official account of Mouth They announced the decision to move the location to New Gasometer for the second date of the League Cup.

Furthermore, in the statement the opposition list was held responsible due to the precautionary measures that “They forced the installed tents to remain two weeks longer than expected, which generated unforeseen damage to the grass”they detailed.


It is expected that for the Feb. 10the playing field is suitable to receive Defense and Justice in the candy box.

Besides, San Lorenzo who agreed to rent the stadium, resolved that said income would be used to try to support the Paraguayan Adam Bareirothus paying half a premium on the debt and convincing him to stay at the institution until June.

Source: Ambito

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