Australian Open champion: Tennis star Sinner feels no pressure: “It’s a privilege”

Australian Open champion: Tennis star Sinner feels no pressure: “It’s a privilege”

The first Grand Slam title in Melbourne should not have been his last. The future of tennis belongs to Jannik Sinner. He sees this pressure as something positive.

After the first Grand Slam title of his career, Jannik Sinner is eager for more big victories.

“It’s a great moment for me and my team. But I know that I have to continue to develop if I want to have another chance to hold such a big trophy in my hands again. And I want that,” said the 22-year-old Italian after his five-set win in the final of the Australian Open against the Russian Daniil Medvedev. “I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”

Sinner is not worried about not meeting the now significantly increased expectations. “There is always pressure, but pressure is a good thing. You have to look at it positively. It’s a privilege,” said last year’s Davis Cup champion. “There are not many players who have this pressure because they are expected to achieve great things,” said Sinner. “I like being under pressure because I play my best tennis in those situations.”

In the final in Melbourne on Sunday, Sinner was already two sets behind before he turned the game around. What makes him particularly proud is that his first Grand Slam title came at a time when Novak Djokovic was active, said Sinner. Sinner beat the world number one from Serbia in the semi-finals, inflicting his first defeat in Melbourne after 33 previous victories. “It feels special to see these big names in the draw and then win the thing,” Sinner said.

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