Bundesliga: Referee Brych is aiming for a comeback for the new season

Bundesliga: Referee Brych is aiming for a comeback for the new season

After tearing his cruciate ligament in the record-breaking game, top referee Felix Brych is working on his comeback. The desired date for a return is set – as is his goal.

Bundesliga record referee Felix Brych is hoping to return in the new season after tearing his cruciate ligament. “It would be wonderful if I could take part in the summer course, pass the test and then whistle again for the new season,” said the two-time world referee to the dpa. The Munich player suffered the injury in his 344th Bundesliga game at the end of November. In this game, Brych equaled Wolfgang Stark’s record (54).

Brych has now undergone surgery. “It’s going well under the circumstances. I have to see how the body reacts to the stress when I start proper training again,” said the 48-year-old. “I really have hope that I’ll come back. That’s my big goal and I’m fighting for it.”

Brych has been refereeing games in the Bundesliga since 2004. The doctor of law said he had been “extremely lucky” with injuries for 20 years. Now he is facing the challenges of rehab. “I’ve been lucky that I’ve never really had to torture myself before. And I think that’s part of it for athletes to torture themselves. Now that time is coming, but I want to go back,” said Brych. “I have this motivation and that’s why I take on this pain.”

The end of Brych’s career is not yet in sight

He received a lot of encouragement, which was very good, the referee reported. “People are interested in me as a person and ask about my health,” Brych said. These were new aspects in a referee’s career.

The six-time referee of the year in Germany cannot predict how long his career will continue after the desired comeback. First of all, when he returns, he will look from game to game, then from month to month and possibly from year to year. “I want to come back and not just referee a game,” said Brych. His return to the Bundesliga should then be “sustainable”.

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