Ángel Di María would not go to Paris 2024 and will say goodbye to the National Team in the Copa América

Ángel Di María would not go to Paris 2024 and will say goodbye to the National Team in the Copa América

Angel Di Maria spoke to the press again with his heart broken in two pieces: on the one hand, with the unmistakable feeling of being going through his last games with the Selection. On the other hand, it ignited the enthusiasm of the Rosario Central fans.

The man from Rosario referred to the champion team in Qatar 2022with which there was the expectation that the Benfica forward and Lionel Messi provide the last performance at the Olympic Games Paris 2024but “Fideo” ruled it out.

It is that the coach of the Under 23, Javier Mascheranohad expressed his desire to have Say Maria and Messi such as those over 23 years of age that the Olympic event allows if they qualify, however, it will not be possible. “I think he’s already here. I’ve earned the ability to say this far at the moment I decide. The America Cup (from United States 2024) is the latest. I decided that also because I had many years of suffering with injuries and when things didn’t work out for me,” Di María declared.

And he added: “They were very hard moments and from America Cup that was won (2021), it was all different. Joy, happiness and 100 percent enjoyment, I think I deserved it. That’s why I want to continue a little more. I am grateful to all the coaches I had, who have carried me and supported me. “More than one knows it, that’s why against Brazil they lifted me up ahead of the people. Because they realized that this time he had already said it for real. “It is the right and perfect time to say goodbye to this shirt,” he explained.

Asked about the reasons that led him to make this decision, Say Maria He explained: “It’s obvious that it’s going to hurt me, but a lot of kids are coming back. It happened to me when I started, that there were big people who followed and at times I didn’t see it well.” “It’s good that we are world champions, but it is time to step aside and let the next generation come. There is a beautiful generation that can continue down the same path,” she remarked.

Thinking about his last challenge that he will have with the Selection, Say Maria did not put the “Scaloneta” as a clear candidate for the Copa America 2024: “You can’t always win, it happened to us when things didn’t go well. We were in the three finals that we lost, it’s obvious that it can happen that you don’t win again. I know it’s difficult because there are important teams, you can’t always win , but continue achieving objectives.

Di María excites Rosario Central fans

“I would like to play in the Copa Libertadores again, I played it once when I was 17 or 18 years old. I was very young, I couldn’t experience it as much, everything happened very quickly during my time at Central. It would be a dream to be able to win it. It is a dream to be able to achieve “A title with Central. Winning a Libertadores would go above that. Winning a Libertadores with Central would be the final touch of my career.”expressed Say Mariawho has a contract with Benfica Until June 30th.

Far from retiring as a footballer in a short time, “Fideo” still exhibits the best level of his career and seeks to continue winning titles with the Portuguese club along with the rest of the Argentines, Nicolas Otamendi, Gianluca Prestianni and Benjamin Rollheiser. “In any team where there is an Argentine, we always try to help him so that he adapts quickly, so that he can get a house. I live 3 minutes from Prestianni and 15 minutes from Rollheiser,” he said. Say Maria.

Asked about Benfica, the man from Rosario pointed out that it is a very potential institution, which is seen by great teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Liverpool or both Manchester and that it allows it to continue growing in football, since the Portuguese league is similar to the Argentine one. and that gives the players the possibility of adapting more quickly to European football.

In addition, Di María said that he always watches Argentine soccer, especially Rosario Central, and clarified that it is a very physical league, where there is constant friction and spaces are seen that would benefit him due to their conditions and way of playing. “In Europe you constantly have a player on your back who doesn’t let you turn,” Fideo added, when he referred to the spaces he sees that can be visualized when watching local soccer games.

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