Surfing party with a full moon: innovative tournament with surfers from 11 to 70 years old

Surfing party with a full moon: innovative tournament with surfers from 11 to 70 years old

The wind is blowing but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Surfers from different groups cross paths and encounters multiply. Hugs, laughter, talks… They talk about what the sea is like, the tournament format, old and new times. They are all there. Or almost. From Simon Siri (11 years) up to Marcelo Ray (70). It is clear that they form a community and that they especially enjoy these events. Because it is one of the few where the competition remains in the background and they can be relaxed, enjoying the particularities of a passionate tribe.

Because that’s what surfers are. A different tribe. And at the Quiksilver Full Moon Session they demonstrated it again. Here is the story of a fraternity that adds more followers every day and deepens the boom of a sport that embodies what so many want. This party almost couldn’t have been better. Chapadmalal. Because of the idea, the organization and how they accompanied the weather and sea conditions. The day began with wind but then, almost by the design of the God Aeolus, the direction changed, it stopped and dozens of people ended up singing songs under the light of the moon…

Because that’s exactly what the event was made for, to wait for the first full moon of the year, while surfing in an almost romantic way and enjoying the small moments of a unique day of the year. From the moment each person arrived at the place, they breathed relaxation and happiness in the atmosphere.

Because Quiksilver, With the support of Ford and Ala Moana Surfshop, he set up a beautiful living room within a natural setting such as the grass esplanade of the Chapatrapa spa. Chairs, armchairs, benches, tables, gazebos (7), different hydration and beverage stations (Gatorade, juices, smoothies, beers with La Paloma and drinks with Juan Roda) and food (vegetable and meat sandwiches, as an appetizer, and pizzas of sourdough for dinner).

An impressive display for a surf gathering that attracted nearly 400 people, lasted seven hours to the rhythm of music from a live DJ and ended, in the moonlight, with the Rusea Full Band recital and the surprise participation of Fernando Ruiz Diaz, the leader of Catupecu Machu who is already a regular at these summer beach parties. He also had live coverage of Perros de la Calle, the radio program of Andy Kusnetzoff, Harry Salvarrey and Sofi Martínez. And the presence of personalities, such as Facundo Arana and the mayor of Mar del Plata Guillermo Montenegro, both fans of surfing.

What I like most about these events is hanging out with different generations of surfers. We never have the chance and here we can enjoy that. Before, with this same vibe, we did it with the Quiksilver 70s. They are excuses to enjoy the romantic part of our sport. Instead of being focused on the individual and winning, like in official tournaments, we are all thinking about having a nice time, focused on each other. I feel it as a fraternization… And, at the same time, a way to recognize the most veterans, those who started surfing in the 60s and 70s. A time when surfing was frowned upon, but they continued and planted the little seed that allows us today to enjoy the fruits. If they had stopped in the face of so many obstacles, we would not be here,” reflected Santiago Muñiz, the two-time ISA world champion who spent 15 days in Mar del Plata to enjoy his country and continue with his preseason, before entering the world circuit. .

Fernando Aguerre, the man from Mar del Plata who made surfing an Olympic sport, thanked his prodigal son for his words, although he preferred not to dwell so much on the recognition of the legends. “I love that Santi says that. But I have the philosophy of not looking back so much. The Greek philosopher Heraklitus spoke, before Christ, about the importance of constant becoming. He said that you don’t bathe in the same river twice, because the water is always passing. In surfing it’s the same. You will never catch the same wave… The same thing happens in life too. You have to be grateful for what happened, but focus on the now, on the constant future…” he explained.

Aguerre He competed for the first time in these tournaments, “basically in honor of friends who are no longer here, like Calalo (Napp, surfer), Renato (Tiribelli, legendary shaper) and Huguito (Pedernera, the doctor who was nicknamed the Surfers’ Doctor) , precisely in a place where the last two surfed their final waves.”

The president of the International Surfing Association He ended up winning the Legends category heat with 31.5 points. In Open he won Franco Radziunas (49 points), in Junior it was Toto Goransky (50.8), in Longboard Martín Pérez won (41.2), in Masters it was Seba Galindo’s turn (40.5) and in Ladies the winner was Vera Jaricz (43.8), thus declaring the victory of Luna Guante with 204.7 total points. The team took 500,000 pesos in cash, while Franco Radziunas kept the 100,000 destined for the best wave.

The personalities who attended the event fell at his feet. Like Fer Ruiz Díaz. “I came because I have a love for surfing, the sea, my friend Fernando Aguerre and because it brings me closer to my brother Gaby, who was a lover of the sea and this sport.…In addition, I feel Mardel and Chapa are my home. I also feel connections between mine, music, and surfing: it is the same type of art, the same spiritual root, with the added bonus of beach life that I love. It was a great party that we closed playing with Rusea and his band, under the light of the full moon. We can’t ask for much more,” he revealed, wrapped in a Quik poncho.

Montenegro, the city’s mayor, surprised everyone with his presence, 45 minutes from MdP, during a weekday. He was the first in his position to attend an event in the National Surfing Capital. “I made some time to stop by because I love surfing, my four children practice it and it gives me great pride every time a man from Mar del Plata does well abroad. I always follow them on the networks… I also know the importance of sport in the city and everything it generates. I also love everything that surfers represent, their lifestyle and the solidarity they have. They form a great community and have a very special identity and culture that attracts me. That’s why I’m also a big fan of my children practicing it,” he highlighted.

Andy Kusnetzoff, Harry Salvarrey and Sofi Martínez, the hosts of the famous Perro de la Calle, returned to cover a surfing event for the second year and were impressed by everything that surrounds the sport. “It was my first journalistic coverage of a surfing tournament. It had always caught my attention but both in the Pan American Games Like in the Olympic Games I hadn’t been able to because the venues were far away… Now I was able, and I loved it, to listen to the stories of the athletes and everything that surrounds surfing, from the vibe it has to the connection with nature. I really like it a lot, I would like to learn more and practice it,” Sofi admitted. She was so hooked that, in the following days, both she and Harry took surfing lessons in Chapatrapa.

A surf party that captivated locals and strangers.

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