Serve for number one

Serve for number one
Warm welcome for Jelena Ostapenko

LINZ. The number one of the Upper Austria Ladies, Jelena Ostapenko, arrived safely in Linz. The 26-year-old twelfth in the world rankings from Riga, who will take part in the action today (not before 8 p.m.) in the round of 16 against qualifier Clara Tauson (Den), has been a top star in her Latvian homeland since winning the French Open 2017 at the latest. “It’s nice when the children look up to you and storm the tennis courts,” reported the athlete, who is characterized by an extremely aggressive style of play. She is also considered a hothead.

“Why should I be defensive when I can hit hard groundstrokes?” asks Ostapenko, who has earned more than $14.5 million in prize money in her career. The double finalist of the Australian Open 2024 can relax in the kitchen – while baking: “I don’t know if it’s true, but others say that I make the best cheesecake,” she says with a smile on her lips.

The Ukrainian Dayana Jastremska was also in a good mood, defeating the Russian Erika Andrejewa in three sets. She then formed a heart – but not for her opponent, to whom she, as expected, did not shake hands.

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