Is it all over for David Bada in the NFL?

Is it all over for David Bada in the NFL?

When the Super Bowl takes place in Las Vegas on February 11th, David Bada will be far away. The German footballer has been looking for his fortune in the NFL for four seasons. And may never find it.

When the managing director summons him to his office, a thought immediately flashes through David Bada’s mind: That’s it. For almost three years he worked hard for his employer, day after day, quit his job in Germany, left his daughter behind, and moved to the USA, a country with unlimited opportunities but no protection against dismissal. But he never got a real chance here. Will you now be expelled as a thank you and wish you all the best for the future?

The manager in the office says: “Congratulations! You’re playing tomorrow!”

Source: Stern

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