Look at Agustín Ruberto’s great goal, the new jewel of River’s lower ranks

Look at Agustín Ruberto’s great goal, the new jewel of River’s lower ranks
February 1, 2024 – 10:57

The U-17 World Cup scorer made his debut on the net with the River shirt. The kid spoke after the game, where he told about his dreams and who are his role models.

Agustín Rubertothe youth of River which made its debut on the network in last night’s victory against Central Barracks 2-0 on the court LanusHe said that he has a dream “come champion with this shirt”.

After having played his second match with the “Red Band” shirt, the 18-year-old forward showed his baptism on the list of scorers, with a goal he scored at 36m. of the second period, to certify the triumph of those led by DT Martin Demichelis.

Ruberto’s first goal in River:

Agustin Ruberto’s first goal in River.mp4

“My dream is to become champion with this shirt. I am very happy to be here”said the native of San Fernandowho already experienced the unparalleled sensation of becoming a scorer in a world Cupby scoring 8 goals in 6 games in the recent ecumenical competition Under-17 played in Indonesia.

“I was able to fulfill a dream which is to debut in River’s Primera. And in my second game to convert is a great source of pride”added the teenager, who arrived at the institution Nunez in 2012for advice “of a friend”.

“I saw the goal in front of me and I hit it. After Rodrigo (Aliendro) touched it to me I only thought about that”he revealed when narrating his first conquest in professional football.

Ruberto’s role models, other kids from River

Ruberto chose Julian Alvarez and Lucas Beltran, other great values ​​​​emerged in the “millionaire” quarry, as their references and role models, according to the position they occupy on the field.

“Julián (Alvarez) was my model here and he is now that he plays in Europe. He is a very good player”said the attacker, who entered the playing field to replace the kid. Franco Mastantuono (16), midway through the second period.

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