Women’s football: DFB: Women’s Bundesliga will be increased in the “medium term”.

Women’s football: DFB: Women’s Bundesliga will be increased in the “medium term”.

The German Football Association reacts to the dissatisfaction of the women’s Bundesliga teams. There is disagreement about the pace of implementation of the growth plan.

The German Football Association is planning to expand the women’s Bundesliga in the “medium term”. DFB managing director Holger Blask told the German Press Agency: “For months, a DFB project team has been working on a growth and professionalization plan for the women’s football Bundesliga. Various areas and measures have been identified in which urgent investment is needed “Not to be left behind internationally and to further professionalize the structures.”

The growth plan was presented to the clubs in December and discussed. “There is currently disagreement within the league about the pace of implementation,” admitted the DFB. In an interview with the “Frankfurter Rundschau”, Eintracht Frankfurt’s board spokesman Axel Hellmann expressed his dissatisfaction with the development of women’s football in Germany, which is no longer represented by any club in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Hellmann had not ruled out the possibility of the Bundesliga breaking away from the DFB.

Frankfurt’s board spokesman also demanded: “We have to get to a 16-player league very quickly and do more in terms of professionalization.” Currently only twelve teams play in the upper house. Blask refers to the exchange with the clubs: “The aim is to launch the growth and professionalization plan with the broadest possible consensus. The increase in the league is also included in the DFB plan in the medium term.”

DFB managing director Blask is against the rapid expansion of the Bundesliga demanded by Hellmann. “If we let 16 teams play today, the quality wouldn’t improve tomorrow,” Blask said on Wednesday at the Spobis sports business conference in Hamburg. In addition, if there was an increase due to the current media partnerships, the league’s clubs would initially have a third less money available from TV marketing because the negotiated sums would have to be distributed among more clubs.

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