Frank Luck: This is how the former world champion looks back on his career

Frank Luck: This is how the former world champion looks back on his career

With two Olympic victories and ten world championship titles, Frank Luck is one of the most successful German biathletes. Instead of becoming a coach after his playing career, he took a different path.

Interview: Anne Hansen

The biathlete Frank Luck was actually born as a cross-country skier, right?
I definitely have a family history. My father and his two brothers were all enthusiastic cross-country skiers. My grandfather even built cross-country skis himself. I was put on it for the first time when I was three years old. Training groups started when I was six.

How did you become a biathlete?
At my children’s and youth sports school, only the best ten boys and ten girls in a year were accepted, and I was simply not one of them in cross-country skiing. But it was said: The boy doesn’t seem to be completely untalented on skis, and there is still a place available among the biathletes. Since I didn’t pass any shooting galleries at the fair anyway, I thought: I’ll just do that! To prepare, I set up an air rifle shooting range in the forest with my father and practiced.

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Luck, born in Thuringia in 1967, started biathlon at the age of 13. With the sprint world championship title in 1988 he achieved his breakthrough. Over the course of his 17-year career, he became world champion eleven times and won two gold medals at the Olympics (above in 1998 in Nagano with the 4 x 7.5 kilometer relay) and three silver medals. After retiring from his career in 2004, he set up a hunting business in Brandenburg for the DKB Liebenberg Foundation in 2007. Since 2010 he has been the hunting manager in the local Liebenberg hunting area.

You have won everything there is to win.
Stop! Unfortunately, I was denied individual gold at the Olympics. In Lillehammer I finished two seconds behind the first place. But the joy of silver prevailed and the relay became gold.

Source: Stern

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