Mendoza: a new death in the promotion due to a confrontation between Gimnasia bars

Mendoza: a new death in the promotion due to a confrontation between Gimnasia bars

The violence in the ascent added this another deadthis time in the city of Mendoza as a result of the confrontation between the club’s bars Gymwhich left the provisional balance of one deceased and one seriously injured.

The episode occurred a couple of hours before the scheduled start of the match with Defenders of Belgrano which, despite this situation, was played in the stadium Victor Legrotaglie.

The crossing between two factions of the bar “Wolf” occurred at the intersection of the Boulogne Sur Mer and Juan B. Justo streets.

How the Gimnasia de Mendoza fan died

As a result of the fight, police sources confirmed to Télam that the death of the fan “It was caused by a wound in the abdomen as a result of a gunshot.”

The death of the bar, whose identity was not disclosed, was announced by medical sources belonging to the Coordinated Emergency Service (SEC) of the provincial capital.

Also, another gymnastics bar “He was treated for a gunshot, while other fans were injured with blows”according to medical and police spokespersons.

The investigation of the case was filed in the office prosecutor number 2 from the city.

The unusual event that occurred in the match between Gimnasia and Defensores de Belgrano

The match between Gymnastics and Defendersvalid for the first date of the championship of the First Nationalwas played with an unusual feature: those spectators who were able to enter the stadium before 7:15 p.m. had the chance to witness the spectacle, while those who were outside the field and its surroundings were prohibited from entering, under the protection of a “ decision of AFA”, according to a statement from the club.

The incident of violence in the Mendoza capital took place 24 hours after the brawl that took place in San Martín, between two factions of the Bar Chacarita Juniorswhich left a supporter of the “Funebrero” deceased: Jorge Durán, 43 years old.

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