The NBA All Star will be played on a giant LED screen

The NBA All Star will be played on a giant LED screen
February 6, 2024 – 2:15 p.m.

The American Basketball League will develop the three-point contest between NBA and WNBA stars, the celebrity match and other events such as the skills contest and the dunk contest, on a court that will project images and statistics in real time.


There are competitions that, due to their own needs, are strongly linked to technological innovations. The NBA was at the forefront of technology thanks to its strategic partners and its own vision. His latest innovation will be to compete in some events of the All Star Weekend 2024 in a giant screen that will serve as a playing court.

This is an agreement with ASB GlassFloor, that in the summer of 2023 it already installed a similar court for Fiba during the Women’s Under-19 World Cup held in Madrid.

The court will be used for the first three-point contest between NBA players and WNBA players, the celebrity game and other events on Saturday, such as the skills contest and the dunk contest.

The track is designed solely with led lights and it is a revolution in terms of activations. It allows you to display statistics and live images in real time, and opens additional options for sponsors and marketing actions, displacing the classic static advertising assets in sports venues and even video scoreboards.

The NBA It also points out that “special effects will be shown that include color changes, play replays and other video content outside of the events, statistics, shooting of players and celebrities cheering from their seats, interactive applications for the fan to interact from their seat and other immersive animations.”

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