Nove Mesto: Finally a place of happiness? Biathletes hope for World Cup success

Nove Mesto: Finally a place of happiness?  Biathletes hope for World Cup success

In Nove Mesto the German biathletes are aiming for some World Cup medals. Eleven years ago there was almost nothing to get there. But the course of the season gives hope. The weather could become a problem.

In his dream, things were going promising for Benedikt Doll in the sprint race at the upcoming Biathlon World Championships. “I was extremely motivated and it was a good competition,” said the 2017 world champion of the German Press Agency.

His nightly dream didn’t make it to the award ceremony, but in the best case scenario, the 33-year-old veteran will fulfill his wish of his second individual medal at what is probably his last World Championship – perhaps even gold again.

But he won’t be there at the start of the World Cup because he had a slight cold shortly before preparation. Instead, Justus Strelow, Philipp Nawrath, Vanessa Voigt and Franziska Preuß should win the hoped-for first medal in the mixed relay on Wednesday (5.20 p.m./ARD and Eurosport). “If you win a medal in the mixed relay, which is brutally competitive, that would be an ideal start. If not, then it can still be a successful World Cup,” said sports director Felix Bitterling in the Vysocina Arena.

Is there weather chaos?

The weather and especially the wind could become problematic, but there is no threat of cancellation. “Nothing is in danger at the moment. The snow depot is full,” said Daniel Böhm, the sports director of the IBU world association, to the dpa.

Communications director Christian Winkler added: “It’s certainly not easy. But the organizers are doing an excellent job. However, it is important for everyone involved to be flexible in their processes, as is common practice in an outdoor sport.”

German dreams

“I really want to experience that again. To be at an award ceremony again and maybe the German anthem will be playing. I’m keen to give everything in the races to fight for that,” said Doll. If he overcomes his shooting problems from previous races, there could be something in it for the two-time season winner – even if he was a bit cold during preparation.

Based on the season so far, the Germans are among the medal candidates. A total of four victories and nine further podium places in the individual races, plus six podiums in the relays and the first German World Cup success in the single mixed by Vanessa Voigt and Justus Strelow give justified hope.

High expectations, but no guidelines

According to sports director Felix Bitterling, there is no specific medal goal, but there should be one or two. “We want to win medals there. I am convinced that we have it in us to produce one or two world champions,” he told BR. The men’s head coach, Uros Velepec, said: “I’m knocking on wood: we currently have a good health situation in the team. The athletes are highly motivated for the World Cup races.”

Experts are counting on the DSV team

“It is possible for the German team to win a medal in every race,” said two-time Olympic champion Laura Dahlmeier (30) to the dpa. Although everything has to be right at the crucial moment, a plus is that the Germans don’t have to rely on other people’s weaknesses, as they often did in the past. “They have shown that they can do it on their own.”

Franziska Preuß is definitely one of the medal contenders. “Getting an individual medal is my motivation,” said the 29-year-old, who narrowly missed out on a victory in her three podium finishes this winter. Vanessa Voigt also has a chance of winning an individual medal.

And Philipp Nawrath, who already wore the yellow jersey of the World Cup leader at the start, and Johannes Kühn could ideally get involved. “I feel like I’m in great shape,” said Nawrath. In the relay, the men were on the podium in all World Cup races, and a medal is just as possible as for the women. You have already been on the relay podium in third place twice this season. However, things haven’t gone well in the mixed relay this season so far.

Norwegian Festival in the Czech Republic

The men have to beat the Norwegians. The team led by five-time Oberhof world champion Johannes Thingnes Bö has achieved six triple successes and many more podiums so far this winter. “But it’s not like the last few years, where they were able to make a few more mistakes. They have to shoot just as well to be ahead,” said Doll.

In the women’s category, the overall World Cup leader Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold from Norway, the Italian Lisa Vittozzi and the two French women Justine Braisaz-Bouchet and Julia Simon are the top favorites.

Nove Mesto has not yet been a happy place for Germans

The DSV ski hunters don’t have the best memories of the World Cup location Nove Mesto. At the 2013 World Cup there was no gold medal for the first time since 1986. Only Andrea Henkel, then 35, won silver in the individual, while the men’s relay team won bronze.

However, in March 2021, the men celebrated their last World Cup relay victory there to date. “It was a sensational success and a brilliant experience,” said Nawrath, who would love to experience this feeling again with his teammates.

Source: Stern

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