The Communications rant continues after the controversy against Riestra: “It’s embarrassing”

The Communications rant continues after the controversy against Riestra: “It’s embarrassing”

The hot weather in Communications It does not stop, since different protagonists demonstrated against the referee Joaquin Gil, who awarded a penalty in the last minute in favor of Deportivo Riestrawhich generated controversy and allowed them to win 1-0 to qualify for the 16th finals of the Argentine Cup.

“I still haven’t found anyone who could tell me that they saw a small friction or something that indicates that it was a penalty,” he began. Ezequiel Segura, president of Communications.

“We almost reached the penalties, practically the hour was up. Before I had added three more minutes to the first six. Time was running out, that was the last one they had. It seems to me that they are taking you and neatly directing you so that what happened happens.”he remarked.

Furthermore, the president pointed out against Gil and his directing background: “I think this is a world record, I don’t know how many referees have this amount of problems in different games.”

The Police prevented the president of Communications from speaking with the referee

Safe He said that he could not go up to talk to the referee once the match was over, since, The Police prevented access to their locker rooms.

“I would have liked to be able to hear from him what he saw, what he charged. And even if he thought he was wrong, he should apologize for the case, because it is human to make a mistake and he has the right. But it didn’t happen,” he said.

Then, he added in dialogue with TyC Sports: “(Claudio) Tapia It cannot be in everything that happens in every corner of the world. AFA. They draw 120 referees per weekend. This has to do with the responsibility of the appointer. Let them explain to us why they designate it. If you explain to us why he was appointed, we will analyze it. “It seems to me that there is not much argument in favor of appointing this referee for this match.”

“This is very sad, very sad. What happened yesterday was an embarrassment. In a country that has the best team in the world, showing this seems very regrettable to me. We will analyze with the board of directors whether we make an official claim or not. “Let’s calmly think about the ideal steps for this type of situation,” he commented.

“Today the pain is greater. It cost us a lot to qualify for the Cup. The Ascenso clubs really enjoyed the Argentine Cup. “That these things happen discredits her and stains her sovereignly,” he concluded.

The defense of the Communications defender who was involved in the penalty play

For its part, Cipriano Treppothe footballer who starred in the play where the referee saw a foul inside the area and took the maximum penalty, spoke out and assured that today he is “a little hurt.”

“We worked for this all last year, although the main objective is not Argentine Cup, but rather the promotion, we worked to reach the Argentine Cupit cost a lot and that it ended this way hurts a lot,” said the defender the day after the controversy.

Asked about the club president’s statements, he added: “He had given us the indication that he had already suffered a little at Federal, but we didn’t think it was going to be so treacherous.”

“Minutes before there were already fouls that were not called or that tilted the court the other way. He gave six minutes and then he gave three more when, generally, you give one more at most. In those things it seems to me that it became evident,” she remarked.

“In the penalty shootout there is no type of contact, I see the ball pass, I turn around to follow the ball with my eyes and the opposing player throws me on the other side”he highlighted.

“I always try to be loyal, go to the right and win a game against a team that is two categories lower, the truth is that I would be very embarrassed,” he said.

Lastly, the coach Arnaldo Sialle He assured that “what hurts is injustice and impunity.” “It hurts because we, with our humility, work every day and try to provide for our family with honesty and honesty. These things hurt you, they hurt you. I know this referee well. The only correct thing he did was expel me for messing with me. the field,” he said.

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