World Cup: Wellinger and Raimund second in super team ski jumping

World Cup: Wellinger and Raimund second in super team ski jumping

In the second competition of the day at the World Cup in the USA, eleven ski jumping duos take off from the jump. The two German jumpers narrowly missed out on victory.

The ski jumpers Andreas Wellinger and Philipp Raimund flew onto the podium at the super team event in Lake Placid.

The German duo took second place in the USA and had to admit defeat to Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck from Austria, only 0.2 points behind. The team from Norway with Marius Lindvik and Johann Andre Forfang came third. Wellinger showed the longest jump of the competition in the final jump of 128 meters, which moved Germany up one place.

The super team celebrated its World Cup debut in Lake Placid last year. Instead of four athletes, as is usual for a team, this competition only requires two athletes who each complete three jumps. A super team competition is also planned for ski flying in Oberstdorf this winter.

In the individual competition on the hill in the US state of New York, Wellinger was the best German in seventh place when the Slovenian Lovro Kos won. After a weak first jump, Raimund improved a few places and landed in 16th place. The World Cup in Lake Placid ends today with another individual jump (3:15 p.m./ARD).

Source: Stern

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