The complementary stage begins! San Martín (T) has the advantage with a score of 1-0

The complementary stage begins!  San Martín (T) has the advantage with a score of 1-0

The second 45 minutes are already played, with victory for S. Martín T against D. Maipú. Iván Molinas (31′ 1T) scored for the visitor during the first half, at the Dep. Montecaseros stadium.

After the victory obtained the previous day, the visiting team wants to maintain the enthusiasm of its supporters. The local team needs to add three again after their defeat in the last game.

Deportivo Maipú fell 0 to 2 against Chacarita in the Chacarita Juniors.

San Martín (T) arrives with high spirits after beating Gimnasia (J) 1-0.

The match at the Dep. Montecaseros stadium was directed by referee Nelson Sosa.

Deportivo Maipú formation today

Rubens Sambueza presented a 4-4-2 lineup with Gonzalo Rehak in goal; Santiago Moyano, Felipe Coronel, Patricio Ostachuk and Emiliano Ozuna on the defensive line; Fausto Montero, Nicolás del Priore, Alan Ortiz and Luciano Paredes in midfield; and Misael Sosa and Federico Rasic up front.

San Martín Formation (T) today

For his part, coach Diego Flores has decided to stop a 4-3-3 scheme, with goalkeeper Darío Sand; Gonzalo Bettini, Juan Orellana, Agustín Dattola, Nahuel Banegas as defenders; Leonardo Monje, Gustavo Abregú and Juan Cuevas as midfielders; and Iván Molinas, Junior Arias and Mauro Verón as forwards.

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