The Super Bowl in Las Vegas in pictures

The Super Bowl in Las Vegas in pictures

The Kansas City Chiefs around quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift friend Travis Kelce have won the Super Bowl again and became the first NFL team to successfully defend the title in 19 years. The team beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday (local time) in Las Vegas 25:22 after the second overtime in the history of the Super Bowl, which ended up being a very exciting game.

At the beginning of the game, the 49ers were clearly in control and went into halftime with a lead of 10:3. The acoustically superior 49ers fans among the approximately 60,000 spectators with stars and celebrities such as LeBron James, Beyoncé, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and Jay-Z and the more than 100 million in the USA cheered.

Megastar Taylor Swift, however, was booed when she appeared on the video screen. She arrived in time for the Super Bowl after a concert in Tokyo on Saturday evening and was able to watch her colleagues Usher with his guests Alicia Keys, HER as well as the rappers Ludacris and Lil Jon in the halftime show.

Then things finally got dramatic in terms of sport. Shortly before the end of the third quarter, the lead changed hands for the first time to the Chiefs, a touchdown including an extra point made it 13:10, and at the end of regular time it went into overtime at 19:19.

The 49ers only managed a field goal there, and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed once again why he is currently considered the best football player in the world. Shortly before the end of overtime, his pass found Mecole Hardman, who reached the end zone and secured the title defense for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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