In one move: When Taylor Swift “exteed” a beer at the Super Bowl

In one move: When Taylor Swift “exteed” a beer at the Super Bowl
Taylor Swift (second from right)
Image: APA/Ezra Shaw

Taylor Swift was able to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ title defense (25:22 against San Francisco) at the Super Bowl, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce is known to play.

As great as the 34-year-old’s popularity is in the USA, she was not only met with sympathy at the final in Las Vegas. When it was shown big on the stadium’s Vidiwall, it was sometimes booed. Probably also because the San Francisco fans were in the majority in the stadium.

However, there was still a moment when she almost completely won the audience over to her side. When she was visible, Swift grabbed the beer that was in front of her, drank it and then slammed the cup on the table (see video below).

It’s now a kind of custom among US fans to make it a fun event for the audience. Even though she was sitting in the box of honor, the superstar signaled: Hey, I’m one of you.

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