Usher at the Super Bowl: How much does he earn from his appearance?

Usher at the Super Bowl: How much does he earn from his appearance?

The Super Bowl halftime show is the biggest live performance of the year. A performance that will make superstar Usher’s cash registers ring? Yes, but different than you think.

The equivalent is around 622 euros that pop star Usher earns for the biggest live music event of the year. It is the minimum wage of the SAG-AFTRA union. An amount that most superstars wouldn’t even stand up for. The rehearsals before the big evening are also paid for, but here too the average payment is around 1,622 euros per week. “This is based on a 35-hour week,” a union spokesman told Business Insider. And this for a show that more than 100 million people watch every year?

The cash registers don’t ring directly during the live music performance, but they ring immediately afterwards. It’s safe to assume that stars like Usher will end up going home with six or seven figures – per Super Bowl commercial. Essentially, the halftime show at the finale of the American football season is a 13-minute commercial. Assuming a 30-second spot costs $7 million, that’s about $182 million (about 169 million euros) for the halftime show.

Commercials, music streams and cold hard cash

How else does Usher make his money? As the “Business Insider” lists, there would initially be payments for advertising contracts, i.e. for ads and campaigns surrounding the Super Bowl. Such as for Uber Eats and BMW, which have released commercials with the R&B singer. Usher is also the new face of the men’s fashion collection of Skims, an underwear brand owned by Kim Kardashian. Usher is baring his tree muscles and in return is promoting his new album “Coming Home” and his upcoming tour, which begins in August. However, it is not clear exactly how much sales the singer has.

Any star who gets to rock the big live show at the Super Bowl can expect to see a huge increase in music streams. Business Insider writes that Luminate estimates that pop singer Rihanna, who performed at last year’s halftime show, saw a 390 percent increase in song sales and a 140 percent increase in streams in the United States. Lady Gaga’s album and song sales increased by 1,000 percent on the day of her performance in 2017, Billboard reports. These numbers mean direct money for the musicians.

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