Financial Fair Play: Premier League agrees new financial limits for clubs

Financial Fair Play: Premier League agrees new financial limits for clubs

“Following a complete review of the associated party transaction rules and fair market value advisory protocols, the clubs have agreed to a series of amendments to further strengthen the efficiency and accuracy of the system,” explained the Premier League it’s a statement.

The vote revealed the fracture that this issue generates among English clubs, since twelve voted in favor, six against and two abstained. For the proposal to move forward, two-thirds needed to be in favor.

The new rules affect sponsorships and the transaction of players between clubs of the same holding company. The aim is to put an end to out-of-market sponsorship prices, related to companies that operate in the same conglomerate as those clubs.

Financial fair play imposes new limits on Premier League clubs

In addition to regulating the sale and purchase of players from clubs of the same owner, such as, for example, Girona and Manchester City, with both clubs dependent on City Football Group.

The citizen club could be the most affected of the Premier League, although not the only one. TO Manchester City adds Newcastle United, which is part of the Saudi sovereign fund (PIF).


Among the list of the ten most expensive male transfers is that of the Argentine Enzo Fernández from Benfica in Portugal to Chelsea in the English Premier League.


In line with the financial regulations of the Premier League, On January 16, the English competition accused Everton and Nottingham Forest of committing several financial irregularities, something that both clubs confirmed.

“The two clubs have each confirmed to the Premier League that fail to comply with the League’s Profitability and Sustainability Standards; “In accordance with Premier League Rules, both cases have been referred to the Judicial Panel, which will appoint separate commissions to determine the appropriate sanction,” the competition explained in a statement.

However, Everton and Nottingham Forest They are not the only clubs that could be sanctioned for failing to comply with financial fair play. The most famous case recently was that of Juventus, which was sanctioned with ten points less in the A series in 2022-2023 for the Capital Gains Case.

Likewise, the Veccia Signora was disqualified from this edition of the Confedence League. The Turin team increased the cash valueble of the players that the entity exchanged with other teams in Europe with the aim of balancing the accounts.

Contribution to the economy

The Premier League published a report that estimates its contribution to the British economy at £8 billion (9.37 billion).

The study highlights that this item increased by £400 million (468 million), 5% more, compared to 2019-2020. The direct tax contribution was £4.2 billion (4.919 million) to the United Kingdom treasury, of which £1.7 billion (1.991 million) corresponded to social security contributions for players and other league personnel.

Regarding employability, the report ensures that premier It is involved in the generation of more than 90,000 jobs throughout the country. The announcement of the new record agreement for audiovisual rights at the national level (2025-2029) indicates that its economic contribution is likely to continue growing.”

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