Boca omitted to congratulate Barco after qualifying for the Olympic Games

Boca omitted to congratulate Barco after qualifying for the Olympic Games
February 12, 2024 – 20:30

The “Colo”, emerged from Boca, had achieved the ticket to Paris 2024 with the Under 23 National Team, after defeating Brazil in the Venezuelan Olympic Qualifiers.

Mouth generated a stir on social networks after a curious “forgetfulness” towards the club’s ex-lateral Valentine Boatafter the exciting classification of the Argentine Under 23 National Team to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the Pre-Olympic tournament in Venezuela.

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The “xeneize” club congratulated the footballers from Boca who achieved the milestone, like the other institutions that had footballers in the competition, but there was one name noticeably absent from the list: Valentine Boat. In a message broadcast by the official account of Boca Prediothe participation of Nicolas Valentini, Leandro Brey, Christian Medina and Ezequiel Fernandez in the feat.

Selection: greetings to all, except one

However, the omission of Shipwho recently left for the Brighton after executing his exit clause Mouth, did not go unnoticed by the club’s followers. Although technically Ship He is no longer part of the institution, his exclusion from the congratulations generated speculation about possible tensions between the player and the board of directors. Mouthcommanded by Juan roman riquelme.

After his departure, RiquelmePresident of Mouth, expressed his disapproval of the way the footballer decided to leave, calling it “very bad.” Given the obvious gap in recognition on the part of Boca, Ship He opted for a challenging approach on social networks and through a post shared by his partner, the player alluded to the criticism received, making clear his focus on the upcoming sporting challenges with the message: “To Paris. And keep talking.”


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