Mascherano once again insisted on inviting Messi to the Olympic Games

Mascherano once again insisted on inviting Messi to the Olympic Games

After classifying the selected team on Sunday Sub 23 to Paris 2024, after beating Brazil, Mascherano had said that “I have the obligation to invite Messi and (Ángel) Di María. With Leo and Ángel we have a spectacular relationship, we are friends.”

However, “Fideo” already got off and said that his last participation with the light blue and bench will be in the next Copa América.

The winning card that remains is Lionel Messi. For this reason, upon arriving this morning from Venezuela, Mascherano once again insisted on the issue, although in a more cautious manner.

On Sunday he had said that “Lionel has the doors open to join the group and compete in the Games.” On the other hand, this morning he was more cautious although he spoke again on the subject in Ezeiza: “Obviously the invitation has been made, but it will depend on the commitments.” And he continued: “We will talk to Leo, I already said it at the time. He obviously has the invitation made, but it will depend on the commitments. He has Copa América, there are a lot of things in the middle that are important. So we’ll talk,” said the DT.

Beyond his desire to defend the Argentine shirt, whatever the tournament, Messi is aware that his second participation in the Olympic event (he was already in Beijing 2008) will depend on Inter Miami. Likewise, the MLS calendar could complicate it for him to play again in the French capital as one of the three over 23 years old on the Jefecito squad.

The one who already assured Messi The one who keeps the No. 10 shirt is Thiago Almada. “Obviously, he would give Messi the 10. How could he not?” expressed the Atlanta United midfielder, who was a teammate of La Pulga in the historic coronation at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Regarding the possibility of the Inter Miami player from Rosario going to the Olympic Games, Almada said: “It was not discussed. He did not tell us anything. Surely, when the time comes, it will depend on him,” he stated. It is a personal decision.”

The men’s soccer tournament of the Olympic Games is held in July and August and teams can have three players over 23 years of age on their squads.

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