Andreas Brehme’s final penalty in the video: A shot for eternity

Andreas Brehme’s final penalty in the video: A shot for eternity

Andreas Brehme’s penalty on July 8, 1990 is burned into the collective memory of the Germans. Relive the moment for the football history books.

It’s the 85th minute of the game in Rome’s Olympic Stadium, in the final of the 1990 World Cup between Germany and Argentina the score is 0-0. The game is sometimes a wild one, the Mexican referee Edgardo Codesal Méndez is trying hard not to let the game slip away, and an Argentine has already been sent off the pitch. In that 85th minute, Rudi Völler falls in the Argentine penalty area, Méndez whistles and points to the spot. Penalty for Germany. Legend has it that captain Lothar Matthäus, the DFB team’s regular penalty taker, doesn’t feel confident in his new shoes and Andreas Brehme therefore takes responsibility.

Andreas Brehmes in the 1990 World Cup final in the video

Brehme runs up, shoots – the rest is celebration in black, red and gold. The German national team takes the lead over time and is football world champion for the third time. A few minutes later, Captain Matthäus raises the golden World Cup trophy into the night sky of the Italian capital. The goal ensures Brehme will forever have a place in football history books – and in the hearts of German fans.

On its YouTube channel, FIFA remembers the great moments of the World Cup finals – which undoubtedly include the magical night in Rome and Brehme’s penalty:

Andreas Brehme died of a heart attack at the age of 63 on Tuesday night. In addition to the 1990 World Cup title, he celebrated numerous successes as a club footballer: German champion in 1987 with FC Bayern Munich, UEFA Cup winner in 1991 with Inter Milan, DFB Cup winner in 1996 and German champion in 1998 with 1. FC Kaiserslautern. In the same year, the Hamburg native ended his active career. He will never be forgotten by German football fans – because of his penalty in Rome, but also because of his legendary sayings.

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