Lionel Messi boom: “Today the players choose the MLS to make the leap to Europe”

Lionel Messi boom: “Today the players choose the MLS to make the leap to Europe”
February 20, 2024 – 20:24

Ignacio Piatti, ambassador of the MLS, diagnosed a growth in the North American league after the arrival of Lionel Messi to Inter Miami


The Argentinian Ignacio Piattiambassador of the Major League Soccerthe return of a new season of the North American league with Lionel Messi and more than 30 Argentines has been palpitating since February 21, and assured that “today the players choose USA to make the leap to Europe”.

Ignacio Piattiformer soccer player and today MLS ambassador, was part of the landing in Argentina of the entity’s Director of Communications, Gabriel Gaborwho arrived in the country to present a new season of the competition of the USAthe same one in which Lionel Messi and 31 Argentines, will go for the title of champion that was consecrated in the last edition to Columbus Crew.

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MLS scouts talent

Ignacio Piattiformer captain and player of the franchise Montreal Impact in Canadaanalyzed how a new championship is envisioned with the growth of the league’s brand globally and the impact of Lionel Messi, but also what the arrival of the Argentines means and their development as figures heading towards directing their careers to Europe.

“The clubs have already begun to hire young talents to start their careers in the competition and that is what is happening, now here in Argentina and everywhere. The thing is that all the players want to leave, they choose to go to the MLS and then jump to Europe, when before it was the other way around. And I included myself, because it was always my goal,” said the former player of San Lorenzochampion of the Libertadores Cup in 2014.

“Now for a lot of reasons they look at the MLS for the growth, facilities, stadiums or the way of life. There are many things that come into play and that obviously the issue of the Argentines helped, obviously. Diego Valeri was there at that time “, (Guillermo) Barros Schelotto, Federico Higuaín and all those players did very well. That’s why the MLS continues to hire Argentines,” he continued.

Lionel Messi, the great impact

For its part, Ignacio Piatti He was very happy with the public’s return of the MLS about the compatriot players, those who in many cases are the creative ones and brains in the franchises. That is why he said that: “I don’t know which Argentine didn’t do well here in the MLS“.

“To all those who were since Fede Higuain (ex Columbus Crew and Inter Miami) that went well. Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers), Thiago Almada (Atlanta United), now Lucas Zelarrayán (former Crew) who went to Saudi Arabia (Al-Fateh) either Emanuel Reynoso (Minnesota United). All those kinds of players are doing very well. As a hook type, that here in some teams they don’t have the possibility to count or they no longer play in that position,” he described.

Finally, the impact of Lionel Messi in the league was referred to. USAwhich for Ignacio Piatti is reflected in “everyday, with t-shirts. The youngest boys and girls are identified with the t-shirts of the franchises as happens in Argentina“.”His arrival greatly influenced the boys to have the team’s shirt. Inter Miami or have the orlando. There are a lot of things that happen. That is why the idea is to spread the MLS from Argentina as it should be,” he concluded.

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