League Cup: Klopp celebrates special title: I will never forget

League Cup: Klopp celebrates special title: I will never forget

Jürgen Klopp gets emotional. Winning the title for the first time this season means a lot to the outgoing coach of Liverpool FC. It shouldn’t be the last success.

The first title win on his farewell tour at Liverpool FC was the best of his career for coach Jürgen Klopp. “It’s an evening I’ll never forget. If no one else sees it that way, no problem. For me it’s a really nice memory forever,” said the 56-year-old after the 1-0 (0-0) win League Cup final at Wembley Stadium in London against Chelsea.

Klopp added: “There are longer careers than mine, but in more than 20 years this is by far the most special trophy I have ever won. It is absolutely extraordinary.”

Van Dijk scores in extra time

Dutchman Virgil van Dijk headed the decisive goal in the 118th minute of a thrilling and fast-paced final. Klopp necessarily used a lot of young players. “Sometimes I’m asked if I’m proud of this, proud of that, and that’s really difficult. I wish I could feel pride more often, but I just don’t,” said the emotional Klopp: “But tonight I have I have the overwhelming feeling of, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on here?’ I was proud of everyone who was involved in everything here.”

Klopp and league leaders Liverpool can still win the English football championship, the more valuable FA Cup and the Europa League this season. In the summer, the former Dortmund and Mainz Bundesliga coach will leave his club after nine seasons. Liverpool won the League Cup during his term in 2022 – also in the final against Chelsea.

“I don’t care at all about my legacy. I’m not here to create one,” said Klopp about his remaining tasks: “As a manager of a football club, you’re there to do your job.” That’s why it’s not a problem if the coach leaves. “If these people were to leave – our fans – that would be a problem. But as long as they are the way they are, Liverpool Football Club will be fine – and that is the most important thing,” emphasized Klopp.

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