Gymnastics rings: fitness trend 2024 for adults & children

Gymnastics rings: fitness trend 2024 for adults & children

Gymnastics rings are toys and fitness equipment in one. Above all, they help children to improve their motor skills. For adults, they are the perfect training device for a stable core and moderate muscle building. The most frequently asked questions and answers.

The rings are one of the most demanding things that world-class gymnasts have to master. Hardly any other device requires such a sense of balance as the two wooden rings looped onto two long straps. You might think that this is not for amateur athletes and certainly not for children. And yet gymnastics rings are becoming more and more popular in fitness studios and playgrounds. They also dangle from the ceiling in many hobby rooms and children’s rooms. What’s so attractive about simple gymnastics rings made of wood or plastic? What should you pay attention to when buying? How do you assemble gymnastics rings? Who can and should train with it? And what exactly do you train with gymnastic rings? Questions about questions. Here are the answers.

What are gymnastics rings good for?

Essentially, gymnastics rings are fitness equipment and a toy in one. If you want to challenge your shoulder girdle, torso, stomach and arm muscles a little during cross training, the popular gymnastics rings are just as well-suited as those who simply hang on the rings to dangle back and forth a bit and practice simple exercises attempt . Not only is this a lot of fun for the little ones, they also get to know their bodies and improve their motor skills. And that’s exactly what many children and young people are struggling with. Many gymnastics rings come with small handouts with exercises.

How are gymnastics rings installed correctly and safely?

Many gymnastics rings can be attached not only to the ceiling, but also to a tree or the door. For mounting on the ceiling there is , on which other sports equipment such as a punching bag or a hammock can also be hung. As a rule, these ceiling hooks are not included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, gymnastics rings can be fixed with a so-called door anchor. This is placed over the door on the upper edge. Close the door and let’s go. Important: For your own safety, lock the door from the inside. The anchor is only hooked in and gives way as soon as the door is opened from the outside. Gymnastics rings can also be easily attached to trees or climbing frames. In short: This fitness device and toy is ready to use in no time. Inside and outside.

What types of gymnastics rings are there?

When it comes to gymnastics rings, a distinction is made between wooden rings and rings that are made of plastic (usually polycarbonate) or metal (rather rare). The advantages and disadvantages of wooden rings and plastic rings at a glance:



Wooden rings

  • good grip
  • mostly natural material
  • absorb sweat
  • limited weather resistance
  • Wood darkens

Plastic rings

  • robust, not bendable
  • weatherproof
  • easy cleaning
  • Selection limited
  • less grippy when wet
  • not a sustainable material

Experts recommend rings with a handle diameter of 32 millimeters, especially for children. Even younger boys and girls (two years and older) can wear rings like this grab it well and hang it securely. For even better grip, some models are wrapped with tape at the grip points or can be wrapped yourself if necessary. Alternatively, gymnastics rings with a handle diameter of 28 millimeters are available. The plastic rings are almost exclusively available in the thinner version. Wooden gymnastics rings are usually made of , or manufactured. If the sustainability of the product is important to you, you should check which country the wood from which the gymnastics rings are made comes from.

Gymnastics rings: What else is important

Be sure to take a close look at the accessories before purchasing. Depending on where you want to hang the gymnastics rings, the package should include adjustable nylon straps (preferably with markings) with robust buckles or carabiners, a door anchor and, ideally, a protective pad for training on trees. A small bag and a book or app with exercise examples are optional. When it comes to straps, you shouldn’t just pay attention to the length and width. Also pay attention to the maximum load capacity and, depending on what you want to use the rings for and who mainly trains or plays with them, check what loads the gymnastics rings are approved for. If the load capacity is between 300 and 400 kilograms according to the manufacturer, you are on the safe side.

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