FIFAgate: Federal Court of Criminal Cassation denied businessman Burzaco a way to reach the Supreme Court

FIFAgate: Federal Court of Criminal Cassation denied businessman Burzaco a way to reach the Supreme Court
February 27, 2024 – 19:32

The second chamber of the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation declared “inadmissible” the extraordinary appeal presented by the former CEO of Tournaments for FIFAgate

The Federal Court of Criminal Cassation declared “inadmissible” the extraordinary resource with which the businessman Alejandro Burzacoformer CEO of TournamentsI intended to reach the Surpema Court against the ruling that reopened the evasion case that investigates him for alleged evasion in the so-called FIFAgatethe corruption case involving businessmen and world football leaders.

The second chamber of the highest criminal court of this country resolved, by majority, to “declare the extraordinary appeal inadmissible” filed by Burzaco’s defense, according to the ruling to which it agreed. Telam. The appeal presented by the businessman’s lawyers was directed against the resolution that confirmed the revocation of his dismissal, that of Hugo Victor Jinkis, Mariano Alejo Jinkis and TyC Sport SAin the cause FIFAgatewhich began from an investigation carried out by the United States Department of Justice.

Room II of the Federal Court of Criminal Cassationwith the votes of the judges Alejandro Slokar and Guillermo Yacobuccideclared inadmissible the appeal filed by Burzaco’s defense against the sentence handed down by the Chamber itself, through which the magistrates confirmed the resolution of the previous instance in which it was decided to revoke the dismissal of the person named and the remaining defendants.

The judges considered, in line with what was ruled by the prosecutor of the instance, that Burzaco’s defense had not complied with the requirements for filing the extraordinary appeal. The main case was initiated as a result of the complaint filed against Alejandro Burzaco, Hugo Victor Jinkis, Mariano Alejo Jinkis, SA Tournaments and Competitions., Full Play SA, Full Play International, Television SA and TyC Sport SA., for the alleged commission of tax evasion and illicit tax association, in conjunction with the concealment of assets from illicit activities.

FIFAgate: they investigate tax crimes between 2010 and 2016

According to the accusation in this file, the defendants in the FIFAgate They would have been part of an illicit association made up of three or more people who, at least between 2010 and 2016, would have been destined to commit undetermined tax crimes, judicial spokespersons recalled.

In addition, they would have perpetrated evasion of payment of Income Tax to which the taxpayer TyC SA was obligated for the sums of $23,905,339.28 in the 2012 fiscal period; $70,142,647.03 in fiscal period 2013; $208,844,500.25 for the fiscal period 2014; $259,905,339.28 for the fiscal period 2015; and $154,005,359.14 for the fiscal period 2016.

The alleged evasions mentioned would have occurred through the concealment of million-dollar sums obtained from the commercialization of rights to certain soccer tournaments, for which different companies linked to SA Tournaments and Competitions already Alejandro Burzaco.

According to Appeals Chamber, the maneuvers allegedly used to conceal clandestine bribe payments and marginal profits obtained by T.YC. SA in the period between 2012 and 2016, would arise from the statement given on 11/16/2015 before the United States District Court Eastern District of New York, through which Burzaco acknowledged his guilt of a series of crimes and the Agreement of Deferred Prosecution held by the representative of that company on 12/13/2016 with the United States Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

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