Temperley eliminated Sarmiento from the Argentine Cup and will be River’s rival

Temperley eliminated Sarmiento from the Argentine Cup and will be River’s rival

Temperley defeated Sarmiento de Junín 4 to 3 on penalties after having equalized at one after the regular 90 minutes, in the match corresponding to the 32nd finals of the Argentine Cup.

The much of Sarmiento did Franco Paredes (41m. PT) and the one from Temperley scored it Brian Sanchez (22m. ST).

Sarmiento and Temperley They showed many limitations in the first half, to the point that each stopped ball generated the prior expectation of a dangerous situation.

Sarmiento He suffered the problems of the entire season: lack of preparation, few associations, non-existent offensive weight and some doubts in the background, the opposite of his rival, who always tried to take care of the ball.

Despite this context, as football is the dynamic of the unthinkable, according to Dante Panzeri, Sarmiento found Manuel Monaco already Lisandro Lopezwho in an isolated play broke the rival defense and left Franco Paredes for 1-0.

But in the complement Temperley He absolutely mastered every passage. And although it was difficult for her to translate it into weighty situations in the area of Jerome Portauthat prize came at the feet of Brian Sanchez after a childish mistake Maico Quiroz.

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The Ascenso team deserved better luck in the situations they had at Sánchez’s feet – he saved on the line Gabriel Diaz– and in the head of Marcos Arturia -he came out nearby-.

In the final minutes Temperley He looked for it without giving up and already in added time he had a key stopped ball but Juan Frías’ execution was terrible.

Until on penalties he got what he deserved in regular time and on the 16th in the final he will play against River.

Sarmiento vs Temperley Statistics

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