ÖSV-Adler only defeated by Norway in the Lahti team competition

ÖSV-Adler only defeated by Norway in the Lahti team competition
Stefan Kraft

The ÖSV quartet with Daniel Tschofenig, Stephan Embacher, Jan Hörl and Stefan Kraft only had to admit defeat to Norway by 25.7 points on Saturday, third place went to Germany. The Austrians won the only classic World Cup team competition so far this season in Zakopane a month and a half ago.

This time, however, the Norwegians, led by Johann Andre Forfang, who achieved the day’s highest distance of 135.5 meters in the first round, were unstoppable. In extremely difficult wind conditions, Hörl, who was the fifth best Austrian in the individual competition on Friday, once again presented himself as the strongest ÖSV jumper with jumps of 131 and 134 m.

The 18-year-old from Embach took the next talent test one day after his tenth place and managed 126.5 and 120.5 meters. Tschofenig achieved a similar distance (120 and 126 m), but Kraft, like on Friday, had no luck with the wind. The day before, only 49th, the overall World Cup leader landed at 122 and 122.5 meters.

On Sunday the Lahti weekend will conclude with an individual competition on the large hill, and next week the Raw Air will continue at Holmenkollen in Oslo. The third and final men’s team competition of this World Cup season will take place on March 23rd at the ski flying hill in Planica.

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