Ángel Di María, denounced by the Portuguese Association of Referees: what was the reason

Ángel Di María, denounced by the Portuguese Association of Referees: what was the reason

Angel Di Maria was reported this Saturday by the Portuguese Referees Association after a post on your Instagram account in which critical the arbitration of Fábio Veríssimo in the Portuguese Cup semi-final.

What can we say about yesterday? What happened was visible to everyone. We will continue working to achieve our goals. Alone against everyone”, the Argentine footballer published on social networks.

Angel Di Maria


This occurred after the goal disallowance of your team against Sporting Lisbonthe city’s classic, and for which it did not arrive Benfica to the tie. Finally, it ended in defeat by 2 to 1 and there will be no return in the stadium Da Luz from Benfica.

The Association filed a complaint against the world championwhich must now resolve the Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Federation soccer. If found guiltythey must then decide the sanction that will be imposed on him, Portuguese media reported.

Infantino, forceful: FIFA flatly ruled out a new rule

The president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantinotoday completely ruled out the implementation of the blue card in the soccer because the idea is to “protect the tradition of the game”, and it was ahead of the annual congress of the International Football Board Association (IFAB) which will take place tomorrow in Glasgow, Scotland.

“No, there will be no blue card, at any level. It is a cliché that does not exist for FIFA. There is no way,” said Infantino, at a press conference, upon his arrival in Glasgow.

“Do you want a headline? The headline would be: “Red card to blue card,” Infantino declared, laughing, to journalists.

“We are always open at IFAB and FIFA to look for ideas or proposals, and each proposal and idea has to be treated with respect, of course. But once you look at it, you also have to protect the game, the essence and the tradition of the game. There will be no blue cards,” said the FIFA head.

In this way, Infantino put a stop to rumors of the supposed implementation of the blue card in football, regarding the suggestion of the IFAB, the body responsible for defining the rules of the most popular sport in the world.

The purpose of the blue card in football is based on reducing protests to referees, with a 10-minute suspension for the sanctioned player.

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