24th matchday: Darmstadt like a relegated team: debacle against Augsburg

24th matchday: Darmstadt like a relegated team: debacle against Augsburg

Newly promoted Darmstadt lacks any Bundesliga suitability in the duel with the Bavarian Swabians. Rescue is becoming a long way off.

Newly promoted Darmstadt 98 are heading towards direct relegation from the Bundesliga after their 17th game without a win in a row. The bottom team lost against FC Augsburg at home 0:6 (0:5) and was whistled by their own fans during the game for their shockingly poor performance.

In front of 17,810 spectators, ex-Darmstadt player Phillip Tietz (1st/84th minute) and Ermedin Demirovic (20th/29th) each scored twice. Fredrik Jensen (12th) and Ruben Vargas (24th) contributed the other goals to Augsburg’s well-deserved victory.

The Hessians’ last victory for the time being was on October 7th of the previous year. At that time we managed a 2-1 win in Augsburg. Hopes for an end to the negative series were correspondingly high. But it turned out quite differently.

Augsburg scored five times in the first half

The Darmstadt debacle began early. The minute hand had just completed its first revolution when the home side were already behind after a major mistake by Jannik Müller. The defender played a cross pass from his own penalty area into the feet of Tietz, who effortlessly finished from 15 meters.

Shortly afterwards, the FCA striker, who moved from the promoted team to Augsburg last summer, could have increased. But his shot just missed the target. Again the Lilies defense didn’t look good.

The home side didn’t get into the game at all and kept offering the guests space, which they consistently used. Vargas was denied by Darmstadt goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen, who was powerless against Jensen shortly afterwards.

The third goal was again preceded by a serious defensive error. This time Klaus Gjasula made a mistake. After that, the home team’s heads finally went down, so Augsburg had an easy game and scored two more goals by the 29th minute.

Darmstadt’s Lieberknecht makes double changes early on

It was the third-fastest 5-0 lead in Bundesliga history at that point. Only SC Freiburg achieved this feat even faster in their 6-0 win in Mönchengladbach (2021) and Gladbach’s 10-0 win against Eintracht Braunschweig (1984) – both were 5-0 ahead after just 25 minutes.

Lilien coach Torsten Lieberknecht reacted to his team’s disastrous performance and took Müller and Gjasula off the field after just 27 minutes. Shortly before the break there was the next setback when captain Fabian Holland was forced out injured.

Even after the change, Augsburg had the game under control, but no longer played as determinedly forward. Darmstadt now held up a little better, but was very limited in its resources. Fabio Torsello missed the only chance to make up for the result, as he hesitated too long before finishing in front of the goal. Almost in return, Tietz scored the final point in the one-sided game.

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