Double by Agustín Palavecino in the 2-1 victory of Gimnasia (J) against Agropecuario Argentino

Double by Agustín Palavecino in the 2-1 victory of Gimnasia (J) against Agropecuario Argentino

Midfielder Agustín Palavecino contributed two goals for El Lobo to beat Agropecuario 2-1 this Saturday, in the match for date 5 of Argentina – Primera Nacional Championship 2024. El Lobo’s superiority was evident by taking a 2-0 lead with Agustín Palavecino as the protagonist. The player’s first goal was from a play and came in the 41st minute of the first half, followed by a second goal with a shot at the 9th minute of the second half. Although Agropecuario managed to close the gap with Alejandro Gagliardi’s header (40′ of the same stage), the remaining time was not enough to change the result.

Agustín Palavecino was the figure of the party. The Gimnasia midfielder (J) was the author of 2 goals and finished on goal 2 times.

Alejandro Gagliardi was also important. The Agropecuario Argentino forward scored 1 goal.

In the match there were 2 reprimands: Mauro Osores and Luis Miguel Rodríguez.

The technical director of Agropecuario, Gabriel Gómez, proposed a 4-4-2 strategy with Fernando Otárola in goal; Alan Schönfeld, Rafael Barrios, Franco Ledesma and Enzo Silcan on the defensive line; Alejo Montero, Matías Villarreal, Martín Rivero and Alejandro Melo in the middle; and Claudio Bieler and Rodrigo Mosqueira in attack.

For their part, those led by Marcelo Vázquez stood with a 4-5-1 formation with Alan Sosa between the three sticks; Franco Camargo, Mauro Osores, Guillermo Cosaro and Facundo Rizzi in defense; Valentín Larralde, Hugo Soria, Lucas Chiozza, Luis Miguel Rodríguez and Agustín Palavecino in the midfield; and Mauro Albertengo up front.

Referee Álvaro Carranza was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

On the next date Agropecuario will visit Deportivo Maipú and El Lobo will play at home against All Boys at the 23 de Agosto stadium.

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