“Dibu” Martínez could be sold due to the financial crisis that Aton Villa is going through

“Dibu” Martínez could be sold due to the financial crisis that Aton Villa is going through

Aston Villa is going through a great sporting moment with Emiliano Martínez in the arch. The Villains are in qualifying positions UEFA champions league and just eight points behind the leader, Liverpool, in the Premier League.

Their coach, Unai Emery, found the team’s desired performance and, after 27 games, those from Birmingham are setting a precedent in their recent history.

Aston Villa They have not competed in the Champions League since 1982, a competition they played as defending champions after having won the Orejona a year before.

However, the sporting present of the club Premier League the financier does not agree, since it was reported that he assumes record losses in his plan to achieve Champions League in the short-medium term. The villain club announced that it recorded losses of £119.6 million (€139.7 million euros), despite the fact that its turnover grew by 22%, to £217.7 million (€254.4 million). And it should do more this season, in which it competes in the Conference League and in Champions positions with eleven days left until the close of the Premier.

The club does not break down its turnover, although it does detail that “a significant part of this increase is due to the fourth position in the Premier League, compared to fourteenth the previous year, but there have also been improvements in revenue from tickets, sponsorships and commercials.”


Emiliano Martínez would not be sold for less than 40 million. Those interested would be Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus.


Likewise, Villa generated £22 million (€25.7 million) of profit from the sale of players, a third of the investment the club made in signing players: £63.7 million (€74.4 million euros) . Amortizations for player transfers grew by 12%, £92.5 million (€108.1 million).

On the other hand, personnel expenses soared by 42%, to £194.2 million (€226.9 million). The club justifies this by the increase in the number of professionals who work for the entity, with an increase of 9%. Likewise, and already confirmed as the venue for Euro 2028, the club’s stadium, Villa Park, received an investment of £13.4 million (€15.7 million).

Now, this complex financial present could lead to the sale of some of its figures and, among them, is the Mar del Plata goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez.

It is no secret that “Dibu” wanted to leave the club months ago in search of fulfilling his pending dream: playing in the UEFA Champions League. However, of the three clubs interested in signing him – Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham – only the Red Devils were competing for the Orejona, and the leadership preferred to make the financial effort in André Onana to cover the departure of David De Gea, an operation that It ended up going really badly for the Old Trafford team.

Given this, the man from Mar del Plata decided to stay at Aston Villa. Whenever they asked for Emiliano Martínez, the leaders of the Viullano club responded that it would not cost less than €40 million. Taking into account that they bought him from Arsenal for €17.4 million, if they sell him for the amount they demand they will make a profit of €22.6 million, a deal on par with the best in the club’s history.

From what could be known, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester United would be the clubs interested in the Argentine for the next transfer market.

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