Tevez questioned his continuity: “I don’t see myself directing here much longer”

Tevez questioned his continuity: “I don’t see myself directing here much longer”

The technical director of Independiente spoke again at noon this Wednesday after the controversial draw against Barracas Central. There, he reaffirmed his criticism against refereeing and also questioned his continuity in Argentine soccer.


The coach of Independent, Carlos Tevezreaffirmed his position against the refereeing that generated controversy during the match against Central Barracks and assured that he will not change his version because “they stole”.

“I still think the same thing as yesterday: they robbed Independiente. I say what I think. I hope that having said what I think does not bring consequences to Independiente because if not, then I have to step aside”the coach launched in a press conference with the president of the club, Nestor Grindetti.

Tevez questioned his continuity and said that he will not continue in Argentine football for long.

“I don’t see myself directing in Argentine football much longer. I respect and know that Argentine football is difficult, but one comes to add and not subtract. I have to consider if I want to be part of this systemnothing else. If you are part of the system, you have to bank on all these things. If you don’t want to be part of the system, you have to step aside and think carefully about what you want to do. That’s a little bit what I’m thinking about,” he warned. Carlos Tevez this noon in dialogue with the signal ESPNputting his future in doubt.

“The system is sometimes unfair. There was more talk about the referee than the game and that’s what we don’t want. We then have to give explanations and these guys don’t. Then they complain that they receive threats and so do we. And the boys, if they don’t earn, they don’t get paid, the family has a hard time. Here the regulations are not clear, there is always a gray”The coach continued his complaint.

Finally, in a conference he said: “I didn’t talk to ‘Chiqui’ Tapia. I didn’t talk to Toviggino either. If I have to do it, I will. Toviggino’s thing is personal, we’ll fix it on Twitter or wherever he wants. We’ll fix it in court or wherever he wants.”

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